eCommerce CRO strategy for your Business in 2020
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eCommerce CRO strategy for your Business in 2020

Conversion Rate Optimization is a data-driven discipline to increase the percentage of users who perform any desired action on a site – the ultimate solution for eCommerce revenue lift. Conversion Rate Optimization is the most common-sense solution to increase Top-Line revenue in eCommerce without spending another $0.01 in marketing.

Hence, Conversion Rate Optimization strategies ought to become the focus of any business going ahead. If a company wishes to acquire the lead in its industry, then they’d have to make CRO an epicenter of its business plans – for sustainability, maturity, and growth. 

“Marketing without CRO is Irresponsible & Reckless”

Any marketing effort must be assisted by Conversion Rate Optimization strategies; to maximize the ROI (Return on Investments). Hence, precise & Tailor-Made Conversion Rate Optimization is required to ensure your eCommerce brand successfully creates a unique value proposition and & compelling user experience for their target audience. 

You need a Conversion Rate Optimization program – that’d help to bring about sizable changes for your eCommerce store. A CRO plan that performs a 360-degree analysis of your eCommerce site. It must figure out ways to not only optimize buyer experiences but also make buying a memorable experience. Something that most businesses have a hard time dealing with.

But, for any eCommerce company, focusing only on conversions (order placements) is not enough for it to succeed. Unfortunately, ordinary Conversion Rate Optimization programs focus only on Conversions & not on the revenue of the eCommerce Store. 

As a result, they give disappointing results. The standard CRO is not adequate to ensure healthy returns. Focusing on a single KPI can lead to disastrous results. 

On the other hand, here’s an eCommerce conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan/strategy that focuses on Conversions, Revenue, & Profit – while delivering memorable user experience. It has redefined CRO & introduced a cutting-edge & more effective CRO– Holistic Data-Driven Commerce Revenue Optimization (CRO-HD). 

CRO-HD targets the following objectives; Clear Value Proposition, Increase Relevance, Build Trust, Increase Clarity, Eliminating Distraction, Align Expectations, Eliminate Confusion, Remove Friction, Amplify Desire, & Invoke Urgency. 

CRO-HD results in an increase in Revenue per Visitor (RPV), Average Order Value (AOV), Repeat Orders (RO), Retention Rate (RR), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Further from this, CRO-HD also focuses on decreasing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) & Customer Service Costs (CSC).

With CRO-HD, you can ensure your eCommerce Website is the one that reaches its highest revenue potential. In the absence of proper CRO, you fall short of your revenue targets & end up draining resources (money, time, people) in advertising campaigns. 

We recognized the need for an ingenious strategy that’d accelerate your eCommerce revenue in no time.

eCommerce CRO strategy for your Business in 2020


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Have a look at this robust CRO-HD Framework – made up of the best modules to remodel your eCommerce store. The modules are Behavioral Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Technical Analysis, Growth Analysis, Human Insight Analysis, and UI/UX Analysis.

“Invest in Holistic CRO program & not in any run of the mill Conversion Optimization Program”

Smart companies invest in regular CRO & the smartest in CRO-HD. Be in the Smartest – conquer your industry & overtake your competitors with ease.

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eCommerce CRO strategy for your Business in 2020

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