eCommerce Conversion Rate – How UGC Can Help You Convert More

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We understand that you must have put a lot of effort in building your e-commerce website. What is the meaning of it if it doesn’t acquire as many sales as you expected it to? What can you do to improve your e-commerce conversion rate?

User-generated content is the perfect tool to help you convert more.

So let us look at it in detail in the article below:

What is the e-commerce conversion rate?

Ecommerce conversion refers to a completed transaction of purchase on an e-commerce website. In simple words, when a visitor buys from your website, it is called a conversion. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of people who visit and buy from your website within a given period of time.

A good conversion rate is when more than 3% of people visit your website and make a conversion.

What is user-generated content?

The content that is generated by a user in favor of any product without any kind of paid promotion involved. In other words, User-Generated Content is the content created and posted by the customers that purchase a product, on any form of social media. It can refer to pictures, videos, testimonials, tweets, blog posts, etc.

What is user-generated content?

With this generation and their love for the internet and social media, we can’t think of something better to promote a product. You must have seen bloggers and vloggers promoting products through their posts and how they affect the youth, but what is better than our own friends promoting the same product? This is the difference between user-generated content and paid promotions on social media. The users are trusted more as they’re promoting a brand with their own will without the greed of any kind of money. This shows the loyalty of a person towards a brand and how much they would want to recommend it to their friends and family. This generates more audience and more trust towards a brand.

How User-Generated Content can help you convert more?

  • Helps to build trust through social proof generation

Studies show that almost 93% of people trust online reviews and ratings as much as they trust personal recommendations. Using user-generated content for the promotion of your products will not only create social proof but build trust for new consumers as well.

People realize that if somebody is making time and actually posting something for your brand, they must really mean that.

UGC Reviews - Helps to build trust through social proof generation


  • Drives sales from social media

The most important task you have here is to create a hashtag campaign for your brand. You can try something different rather than just some monotonous advertising campaign.

For example, #SharetheCoke Campaign by Coca Cola. They decided to end the decade long misery of low sales with one mindblowing campaign. They printed their bottle wrappers with famously common first names of people. The people went mad and started posting pictures with their names on the bottle. Hence, a tremendous increase in sales.

Brand Awareness

Once you have created such a campaign, you just have to encourage your consumers and followers to go ahead and post with your hashtag. Once they start posting, it will start spreading brand awareness as well as make people confident about buying your products and services.

There is another way that you can drive sales from social media: Shoppable Posts.

TaggShop helps you create shoppable posts for your website using UGC. You can tag your products in the posts sent by your users. People can directly shop the products from these posts in a hassle-free and quick manner.

  • Answers pre-sale questions

Whenever we plan to buy a product online, we have many questions before even purchasing the product.

For example, you plan to buy lipstick online. You will have questions like:

How is the quality of the lipstick?

Is it non-transferrable?

What is the actual shade of the lipstick?

These answers can be answered by anyone who has posted regarding that product on their social media. People will be able to exactly see what the lipstick looks like on the other person and buy only if they want to.

  • Allows potential customers to see how the product actually looks like

We agree that brands post product pictures but they don’t always show how the product looks when in-use. With UGC people can actually look at how the products and services look like in real life.

For example, they will know how a necklace will look like once worn.

It is necessary to post product images for building a brand image but using UGC with those images can work wonders for your brand.

  • Drive more relevant website traffic

 You must have realized by now how useful UGC can be to drive website traffic. The best part is that it drives traffic that is relevant to your e-commerce website, people who are genuinely interested in buying your products. Using UGC heightens the probability of purchase due to the trust people have in it.

●	Drive more relevant website traffic

  • Close more sales

As I just mentioned, it heightens the probability of purchase which eventually means higher sales for you. If you use your UGC correctly, you can manage to clear the doubts of all the people planning to buy your product and encourage them to go ahead and buy it.

You can improve the eCommerce conversion ratio wisely by using shoppable content where you can add products with user-generated content. You can show the shoppable gallery on your website home page or product catalog as social proof.


If you have not yet started using UGC for your e-commerce website, now is the time to start. This will help you not only to increase your conversion rates and user count but it will help you connect with your customers. Delivering supreme consumer experience can help take your brand to the next level.


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eCommerce Conversion Rate – How UGC Can Help You Convert More

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