eCommerce Chatbots: All That You Need To Know

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As with other businesses, eCommerce providers also aim to transform potential buyers into regular customers. Thus, eCommerce websites make a positive contribution by offering speed and convenience. However, such sites do not provide personalized service on their own, necessary for making informed decisions. This is precisely where eCommerce chatbots come to the fore.

The primary advantage of eCommerce chatbots, such as Maisie AI, is that they promote customer engagement round the clock through artificial intelligence (AI). The latter works in conjunction with eCommerce to generate more sales and create an omnichannel experience for customers.

What Are eCommerce Chatbots?

An eCommerce chatbot is an interactive software program that is compatible with computer devices. It helps conduct everyday tasks by interacting with human users. Such tasks may range from assisting buyers in concluding their purchases to providing them with product recommendations and support services.

The growing focus on eCommerce chatbots has brought the concept of conversational commerce under the spotlight. Conversational eCommerce continues to transform the landscape of eCommerce at present. Businesses interact with customers so that they invest in their goods or services. Research indicates that bots are far more efficient at doing this task and achieving better results than humans.

Most chatbots that are in use these days operate either in the form of messengers or voice assistants. With the help of conversational commerce, they improve the overall eCommerce shopping experience of customers.

Benefits Of Chatbots For Online Retailers

There are many reasons for using AI-based chatbots in the eCommerce business. You might want to use it because it helps in the following ways:

  • Serves As The Face Of A Company

These days, most potential customers tend to figure out the face of a company through interaction. So, be it a telephonic or email conversation, they anticipate personalization in business communication.

AI-powered eCommerce chatbots act as the first touchpoint. Using AI-based chatbot personalities, they engage in meaningful interaction with customers. As a result, they play a vital role in solving customers’ problems and boost the image and impression of a company in the minds of potential clients.

  • Ensures Round-The-Clock Availability

Traditional customer service has its limitations. For instance, it operates only for a few hours within a specific window. If customers need support outside it, they are likely to find themselves at a more significant disadvantage.  Ecommerce chatbots can fulfill the requirement of handling conversations with customers anytime. Whether it is late night or early morning, an eCommerce chatbot can handle the query of customers 24×7.

Sometimes a chatbot may not answer a few questions. In such cases, it can send the query to human employees and inform the customer about it. This availability for customer service round the clock makes a big difference to how a customer perceives the image of a company. It helps create a healthy and trustworthy working relationship between a company and its client.

  • Boosts Sales

Nowadays, customers have become wise, and they leave no stone unturned to get in-depth information about a product before buying it. By giving the correct facts, you can draw their attention towards your products. Better yet, accurate information can also convince them to buy your products. This way, you can increase the sales of your company.

  • Improves The Rate Of Conversion Through Insights Into Customer Behavior

Knowing the behavior of customers can put any business on the road to success in today’s world. But understanding customer behavior is not so easy as it needs special tools. 

Powered with artificial intelligence, AI-powered eCommerce chatbots can do the job with a higher degree of proficiency.

  • Automates Customer Support

Automation is not just an option but a necessity for businesses to survive in this fast-paced and competitive world. If human interaction can add more value to a company’s customer support, automation can take several notches up with precise and quick solutions.

Some tasks are repetitive and take up a lot of time and effort when assigned to human employees. Instead, assigning them to an eCommerce chatbot can ease employees’ workload while saving time and effort.

  • Prevents The Abandonment Of Cart By Completing Transactions

eCommerce chatbots enable sales by directing customers to a gateway. Also, they are capable of concluding a transaction on their own by following the conversational flow. This feature helps prevent the abandonment of carts on eCommerce websites.

Understanding How Chatbots Work

While most chatbots these days use machine learning, some also work according to defined rules. The former is called an AI-based chatbot, whereas the latter is a rule-based chatbot.

An AI chatbot is based on Machine Learning, due to which it can handle significant tasks, including communication with customers. On the other hand, rule-based chatbots follow specific commands and are suitable for minor tasks.


eCommerce chatbots have the potential of transforming businesses in many ways. From promoting efficient customer interaction to completing transactions, eCommerce chatbots keep the company on the course to reach the peak point of its success. Once you know how to use chatbots to grow your business, the sky would be the limit for the success of your brand.

eCommerce Chatbots: All That You Need To Know

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