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eCommerce Business Growth Through WooCommerce

It has been said a number of times that the average customer has become more adept at understanding technology and usually has various streams of information to go through before purchasing anything. When situations as such arise, it is important for businesses to increase their visibility to prospective customers. Instead of waiting for customers to come to it, a business can go to shoppers using eCommerce, which grants a wider yet easily accessible reach to aid business growth.

eCommerce business growth trends have been discerned to be worth $414 billion by 2018, thanks to a massive growth of 17%. The eCommerce platform that leads with about 30% share of online stores is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce was developed to offer eCommerce solutions to WordPress users and had been renowned as a globally preferred eCommerce solution developed specifically for small and medium scale enterprises.

WooCommerce powers over a million websites counting as of today. Essentially, WooCommerce can be described as an open source plugin precisely created to aid businesses looking to sell products or services online. Additionally, plugins and themes that enable customizable functionalities in-line with the business needs of an online store are widely available, both for free or for a fee.

With a range of amazing features, WooCommerce is one of the most sought-after eCommerce solutions that can create online stores both enthralling and customer friendly. Its features are no doubt bellied by its popularity and the fact that it powers almost a third of all online stores is enough evidence.

WooCommerece, as a platform, asserts a smooth WordPress incorporation, thereby making it a great option for businesses looking to move online. Since the plugin works on WordPress, it is extremely secure, flexible and simple to use.

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With such a good percentage of eCommerce sites powered by WooCommerce, it naturally has a great array of payment options and analytics. Often, sites requiring payments would have to comply to PCI and also acquire SSL certification whilst following best practices for customers’ protection, but these things depend more on the web host rather than the WooCommerce plugin.

On top of the many payment options, WordPress continually provides additional functionality and advanced SEO solutions. Users are able to tweak and edit to make the content SEO friendly. Also available are third-party plugins that can be used in conjunction with WooCommerce to aid with site SEO and other perks. Out-and-out plugins for WooCommerce such as Yoast WooCommerce SEO are available to seamlessly aid site backend and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

As stated earlier, WooCommerce is very popular and as such is open to attacks. But these vulnerabilities are quickly fixed and patched. WooCommerce’s owner, Automattic, incorporates professionals at WordPress responsible for security, and additional security experts such as the ones at Sucuri, renowned for their expertise.

Updates are routinely released, along with vulnerabilities, which are swiftly located and fixed. To aid seamless updates, WooCommerce makes use of an update method that is easy to use and requires only one click. It also benefits greatly from the developer community which is spread out far and wide and aids its quicker improvement.

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To learn more about WooCommerce, check out the infographic.

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eCommerce Business Growth Through WooCommerce

 eCommerce Business Growth Through WooCommerce


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