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eCommerce Applications: Tips For Your Business

Have you noticed an increasing number of e-commerce applications? This does not happen for any reason. The mobile commerce market is experiencing spectacular growth more and more every day. Wherever you look, from everywhere you hear this fashionable expression – e-commerce. Ten years ago the weather was done by mail catalogs. Now for business operations, a new environment has appeared – the Internet. Probably, the word “business” also defines the most important aspect of everything that is meant by the concept of “electronic commerce.”

eCommerce Applications: Tips For Your Business

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The online store started with computers. However, seeing how mobile commerce is growing at a faster pace than the e-commerce market, it can be said that mobile is the new star of online shopping. The web has proven that online shopping can be very effective, the upsides to promoting your application are many. Most smartphone users pick up their device as soon as they wake up every morning; check messages, see the latest happenings via Twitter.

Notifications can be sent to your customers’ phones. This can help them to know about important promotions, new products, etc. As a business owner, you should be careful not to abuse them, as they can become annoying, if not used correctly, it can be a very useful marketing tool.

Applications download content faster than sites

Few owners of online stores understand that a slow download site can lead a business to collapse. Customers hate slow. According to Kissmetrics, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to download, 40% of visitors will immediately go to another site.

However, this impact has been even greater thanks to advanced tools, such as tablets or smartphones, which facilitate the shopping experience by developing specific applications. According to Business Intelligence, in its study of January 2013, 29% of people who have a mobile phone have made a purchase through this tool. Also, according to the data published by ComScore in October 2013, 55% of the time used by buyers in electronic commerce services took place through mobile devices. However, this does not mean that speed does not matter for mobile applications. They also need to be fast, because the same rule is still relevant in this situation. Users usually delete an application from their devices if it takes too long to load them.

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Applications provide the best UI

The lack of the need for constant access to the Internet for the operation of the application increases the convenience of their use. This allows applications to download better images and animations, making the design of the e-commerce application stylish, modern and bright.

The application architecture allows developers to design better functions. In addition, one advantage that the online store on Android or iOS provides is the ability to implement gaming. It has become a trend in the development of applications, because gaming is creating a higher level of interactivity and user interaction.

Applications have more interactivity

Studies have shown that young people above all surf with their mobile devices, using their smartphones and tablets to do all kinds of tasks. Logically, buying is one of those tasks. This is one of the reasons why several companies that have eCommerce have launched their applications for the user to buy directly from the company’s app. At the beginning of the rise of apps, consumers seemed more interested in buying through applications than through the web.

Develop interfaces in web applications according to a style manual, using brand languages and web standards.

Develop multimedia components for integration into web applications, using specific tools and following established specifications.

Integrate multimedia components in the interface of a web application, performing the analysis of interactivity, accessibility, and usability of the application. Then it seems that the users returned to use the websites, probably because of the bad experience of use, probably caused by being a new technology. But these consumption habits seem to change again. Make a special offer for those who have installed your application, and they will be happy to share several links to your site.

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The rapidly growing mobile e-commerce market helps business owners to strengthen their relationships with their customers. It has become much easier to buy any product in a store located in another country, sitting in his chair. Internet shopping has fundamentally changed the way people shop. There has never been a better time to develop a mobile application for an online store.

E-commerce is a competitive business environment and the key to success lies in few moments. Manage application servers, adapting their configuration in each case to allow the deployment of web applications. Integrate content in the logic of a web application, developing data access components appropriate to the specification. Mobile e-commerce applications can use the data available to them or contact various applications on the device, for example, Facebook, Twitter or even the camera function.

There are some drawbacks in developing a mobile commerce app also. Ensuring the safety of customers, there is the need to periodically update the mobile application. This is a burden on the business side and the consumer side. This is expensive application development and you will have to spend money on implementing new updates to it as well. Every day there are new changes to Google or Apple, your mobile applications will have to catch up with them, as well. Your client will have an update of the mobile commerce application often as well. If customers ignore updates, they can create security loopholes in the application. Since your display is connected to your updates, the updated mobile e-commerce application will not be able to provide the new features that you offer.

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By implementing new technologies, mobile e-commerce applications have the opportunity to gain more benefits. There are shoppable walls where you can use your mobile and QR code of the product to buy them easily. There are music videos that you can make purchases from some e-commerce stores. There are videos where you can have a 360-degree walk experience in the desert. E-commerce applications provide an improved user interface through push notifications, a specialized exhibition or technological improvements like a shoppable video. Another way to enhance your user experience is good prices.

The added value is a point that can generate an additional income entry. You can think of unique options that can be used through the application, and charge a subscription to use these unique features.

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eCommerce Applications: Tips For Your Business

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