eBay Changes - Everything You Need to Know
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eBay Changes – Everything You Need to Know

eBay has released many changes recently. However, finding information on all of the changes could be a bit of a hassle. So, we have broken down the changes for you and outlined what they could mean for your business.

Structured data:

For your items to be found by someone searching for products, they need to present that item in a way that displays well. Structured data enables eBay to administer a level of uniformity in the information submitted to customers. One of the most exciting things that these changes are bringing to the table is the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) and other unique identifiers other than universal products codes or international standard book numbers. These changes were introduced back in February and were undoubtedly a positive move for eBay.

The death of active content:

This one is a biggie. But what exactly is active content? Active content includes the likes of flash, JavaScript, and form actions. Active content can be found in the majority of bespoke listings on eBay. However, many will be uncertain whether this change will affect their store. This nifty active content checker will look at how your listings will look without active content.

Turbo Lister is no more:

eBay users will have to bid farewell to Turbo Lister’s program (the second). Turbo Lister is an offline tool that enables sellers to create listings to upload once they have established an Internet connection. The opinion is divided when it comes to Turbo Lister. While many people reported issues with its general bugginess, it still helped sellers create countless listings over the years.

Shipping and returns:

eBay is giving you more options to ensure that potential customers buy your products. You will be able to do this by offering exchanges or replacements rather than just a refund.

Updates to eBay’s user agreement:

In addition to the changes listed above, eBay has also amended its user agreement. These changes were introduced back in 2016. However, we feel like this deserves mention because we tend to skip the fine print. Besides, it won’t hurt to take a peek and see how it affects your business. Click here to view the updates.

Category changes:

As with every seller update, we expect to see some category changes to the surface. The category changes will depend on what kind of products you sell. eBay has broken down the category changes and item-specific updates for you in a digestible format.

As we see online platforms such as eBay evolve, we love to hear your feedback. So what do you think about the changes that eBay continue to make?

eBay Changes – Everything You Need to Know

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