Dropshipping in 2019: Does It Actually Work?
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Dropshipping in 2019: Does It Actually Work?

The dropshipping industry has gone to its peak in this era is one of the highest growing industries.

Dropshipping includes the transfer of goods directly from the vendors to the customer’s doorsteps. This provides ease to the customers, the vendors and even the retailers.

The issue which stands is that there is a lack of dropshipping companies that are providing services to the vendors. The customers also have trust in particular companies which creates great competition for the companies which commence their work.

This results in a great lack of companies, but the companies which are already working earn a very great amount by providing services to the vendors. This results in multiple benefits to the vendors, the retailers, and the customers.

The vendors do not have to worry about sending the products to the retailers, the retailers do not have to worry about the accommodation of the products and their security and the customers get satisfied of frequent and safe deliveries.


The disadvantages of drop shipping include:

  1. If you just start doing a dropshipping business you would be hired or would work for local companies and suppliers to do your work. You never know what is the quality of the products you have to dropship and neither do you know the kind of packaging they provide. If both these product traits are not good enough the customers are neither going to be satisfied with the companies nor do they trust you. Just because of the suppliers you lose your customers, which turns out to turn down your profits.
  2. The most products you would supply would be from Chinese companies, and people think the word Chinese as low quality even if you get the top winter dropshipping products, or wedding gift products or other things. This again results in the loss of more customers and fewer customers trust you.
  3. The return and refund policies companies provide you with take several days and it results again in the mistrust of customers. The return policies also cause you in great loss of time because it is your company that has to do all the bringing back of the products.

As the world of online marketing and businesses is marching towards its peak, the dropshipping factor does not result in only losing your money.

On the other hand, it has its particular perks of earning which would help you become a better businessman.

How to Make it Work?

If you have the proper direction you can get into this business and start to get more than you have expected.

The only thing is that you have to consider all the hardships in the starting and think of newer and better resolutions to all the problems. There are some resolutions we will provide you.

  1. Do not get into partnership with any companies which take a lot of time in the deliveries of their products. This results in a waste of your time and also no customer satisfaction.
  2. Try considering the products which are more liked by people. The goods which people are eager to get are the only ones they can wait for, Hence, if you provide them with such products you can simply get your business to a good stage.
  3. Marketing is a great tool to promote your company name which would help you get greater and better orders. Marketing will help you gain the trust of better suppliers and more customers, and this investment would result in great profits for you

Without any issues, the business of dropshipping is the best ones if you are determined to start something with lesser investment, lesser staff, and lesser effort.


In this article, we provided with you the information about the issues and benefits of the dropshipping business which would help you get to know if it is still working or not.

We hope this article will come in handy when you start your dropshipping business.

Dropshipping in 2019: Does It Actually Work?

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