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Dos and Don’ts for Creating an eCommerce App for Your Business

Potential of E-commerce has been featured in the recently published news of TechCrunch. According to that news, E-commerce is now the most profitable type of startup with the highest success rate. This magic is happening due to the booming public interest, transparent business model, adoption of non-cash payment and urbanization. Currently, E-commerce sale in the US only is an annual $3453 billion and is expected to reach up to 4878 by the end of 2021. Top E-commerce companies are making huge revenue through their E-commerce app. An e-commerce website is one medium to reach maximum people, but the trend is shifting towards mobile apps. Today, a large number of people prefer mobile apps to do online shopping because of the convenience.    

But this is the only one side of the picture. The dark side of the E-commerce market is hard to believe. Currently, there are 24 million online stores out there. But out of it, only 650,000 E-commerce businesses are generating sales of more than $1000 annually.

Reasons for these much of devastation include poor UI, Poor business model, poor customer support, poor use of the analytic tool, lack of social media integration, and uncategorized product catalog. A should take care of all aspect of a good E-commerce app from the first day of development. Here is the list of dos and don’ts while developing a mobile app for E-commerce business.


Dos and Don’ts for Creating an eCommerce App for Your Business


E-commerce mobile app has the potential to give wings to your business. By just taking extra care while developing an E-commerce mobile app, You can able to deploy one of the best E-commerce apps with the only aim to provide the best user experience. Any e-commerce app with the poor signing in process and poor checking out process hold a very much chance to get the lowest percentage of acceptance rate. Thus, be aware and keep the user’s perspective while developing an E-commerce app.  

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Vishal Virani:

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading mobile app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, online marketing, and the latest technology trends.

Dos and Don’ts for Creating an eCommerce App for Your Business

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