Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

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The internet has made our life easier, including everything, from shopping to working, by transforming that brick-and-mortar store into a digital platform. And it makes the website a mandatory part of any business. It has been one kind of identity of a company in the online world. Also, it deals with many things like brand reputation, global identity, consumer base, and above all the sales. Businesses are facing a hike up in their annual revenue from virtual sales than their in-person sales. Hence, it is proven that the website is something that you should have to take care of gently and positively. Website redesigning is one of the taking care processes. We take care of our children to make them a future wise and big man, just like that we have to take care of our websites for the businesses’ future.

What is Website Redesigning?

Website redesigning does not mean changing the whole site and replace everything. But it does mean to update your site. Let’s start with the grooming feature. When we find something beautiful and trendy in fashion, we buy it and dress ourselves up fashionable. We don’t replace the old us; we groom, just like that website redesigning means to decorate the site with cool features, put hot and trendy add-ons, and update it with all the new things. We have to keep in mind that the website represents the business in the online world, so we need to furnish it timely. Now let’s discuss some common signs which will tell you that your website needs to be redesigned.

How to Understand Your Website Needs a Redesign?

As I previously mentioned that the website should be re-decorated with the new and trendy features and add-ons like the way we dress us up with the hot and trendy fashion stuff on the market, below I am sharing some common signs that will tell you that your website needs redesigning.

If your website is slow loading.

No one likes to wait for more; instead, they prefer less waiting and more responding. Like how you get frustrated when your friends take time to reply to you, simultaneously, people don’t like to wait for your slow-loading website. If any of your web pages or the whole website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then for sure, your customers will abandon their cart on your site. In this case, you should consider redesigning your website. Otherwise, you may lose customers.

If your website is not Mobile-Friendly.

If you only have invested in your desktop site and never thought about the mobile site, it is so apparent that your sales are not that visibly increasing; instead, they can decrease. The reason is most of the people are now on their mobile. From searching for a job to searching for a product, smartphones are the first thing we consider. Besides, it is more comfortable to shop from mobile while lying on the bed rather than sit in front of a desktop. Hence, if your website is not mobile-friendly, I strongly recommend you redesign your website and update it.

If your site has poor UX Design.

UX or user experience plays a vital role in making your website more successful. Though it sounds easier to please the users, in reality, many of the big brands often miss the main thing and lose their customers. Having a poor UX design to site costs you losing customers, traffic, conversation, and ultimately the sales, affecting your business brand. Consider a redesign if you suddenly face a loss of customers, traffic and improve your site’s UX design.

If your site is Aged.

If you have a site aged more than five years and haven’t redesigned it till now, then you should consider doing this. Old is Gold is a myth; updating with the new reality is the trend. And if you find that your competitors have a new website while you have an old one, then it is high time for you to redesign it.

If you are unable to update your contents.

Often the old websites consist of some complicated methods to update their contents, and hence the owner faces some difficulties while updating some information or posts of the site. In this case, it is strongly recommended to redesign the website with a new CMS like WordPress, making it easier for the owners to update the contents when they want without facing any difficulties.

If your site is facing an SEO Problem.

If your site is not getting good rankings on search engines like Google or Bing, it will have a significant negative impact on your business. If you are not getting enough SEO rankings, then the chances of being on the first page of SERPs will be lowered. Your website is the leading marketing platform for your business in the digital world. Your website is a way to connect more people and reach them with your collection. So if you are facing these SEO problems, please go for redesigning your website.

The above passages show you some common signs which tell you that your website needs redesigning. Website redesigning can be done both by self and website designers. If you have a technical background, then you may be able to do it by yourself. And if not, then it is better to hire a team that can help you with this. For more website designing-related suggestions and tips, please contact us!

Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

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