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7 Influential digital marketing strategies for financial services

To some, economic status is a secret for them, and they even find it hard to expose and talk about it to their spouses, to others, financial is a significant discussion in the family just like any other issue. Some are poor in planning and spending the money and others can make the most out of $10. We all have different perspectives when it comes to money, but financial service providers should not have such views. Financial institutions may seem like there is nothing to keep on posting on social media merely because they are dealing with money, but there is more than that. Financers nowadays are getting in real estate businesses as part of the banks and other investments, and there is a whole lot of things the banks can market to us. Whether it is banking or credit unions, take your services to the world through digital marketing. There are strategies to help you acquire more clients quickly and at a cheaper price, and they include;

Product promotion

New products that you have come up with should not be marketed to the already existing clients only. There are so many potential new clients out there going through the internet to get the financial services and from the best providers. As a bank or credit unions, take your products to social media and let people know about what you have. Not just banking services but other products such as online loan applications and online banking. Asking your clients to spread the word by word of mouth is not enough. Furthermore, the clients are quickly going to forget because they have a life going on. But taking it as your responsibility to reach everybody is paying because you will get more leads and probably become clients.


When it comes to finances, people want to hear what you have to say. I don’t think it is possible to past a financial advertisement on social media without spending a minute or two. Financial service providers should take advantage of this and go wild on the platforms with strong rich content. Do not tell people what they want to hear, be realistic but friendly. Financial content is critical and should be analyzed well before releasing it if you do not want to lose the already existing clients.

Use multimedia

By this, I mean that you should not be limited to your corporate website only, be versatile. Apart from the written content, there is the availability of video. Take it all to YouTube and improve your connection with clients.  Videos seem to be more real and trustworthy than written content. To reach a variety of potential clients, use every available media for marketing your services.

Be consistent

Apart from being a corporate business, accounts belonging to banks and credit unions are boring. They will post an article or a product promotion, and then they will not post anything else up until after weeks and or even months. Be social media addicts, not really, but at least try to keep the fire burning. I love how celebrities are always taking it to social media almost daily, already we know them, but they want to keep on reminding us that they are still there. I think this is the same thing as financial service providers should adopt. Do not leave us in darkness for months before hearing from you.

Be available

Is it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or do you have a website? Actually you are having all these accounts because clients are everywhere. Do not make a post and then come back after one week to check on the response. What if I needed immediate feedback, will I have to wait for two or three days? That is a long time to wait for a social media response. Have an already available team to look at the comments, feedbacks questions, and reviews. Do not leave it for another day. And as you do this, have something else cooking and spill it to the world, and this will unbelievably market you.

Aim at getting good reviews

There will be one or two negative reviews, but how you respond to those negative reviews matters a lot. Satisfied clients will take it to your accounts and do good reviews about your services, and this is precisely your aim. Internet reviews have a significant impact on potential clients because no one will approach a financial service provider who has terrible reviews. Still, response to the negative reviews matters as much as the positive reviews do. They should not leave your adrenaline awakened, instead be calm and tackle them carefully.

Optimized website for mobile

Even if I had access to my desktop, I am not going to use it every time I need to surf. As a financial service provider, you should know that the client needs to be informed no matter where they are, creating an optimized website for mobile users is a great opportunity even for those who do not have access to the desktop. Creating mobile apps for online banking services will also be of greater importance as clients can have access to their money while on the move. They will not need to go all the way to the bank to be served.

Customer retention is vital. Whatever you do and whatever you put out to the others, do not forget there is a client who is watching what you are doing. Getting one more client and losing two is a backward investment. This is determined by the level of content you post and how you react to reviews. However, with a good team and great content writer, you should not be losing clients you should be getting more than you can handle. This is how to grow a business.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Financial Services

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