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Digital Marketing Growth Factors

Digital Marketing Growth Factors that Entrepreneurs Should Consider

The marketing world is in a constant state of evolution, propelled by, not to mention increased penetration of social media, customer-centric campaigns, and enhanced automation. With customers becoming more educated as well as demanding, digital marketing companies continuously need to up their game in order to stay ahead in the industry.

With the advent of technology, digital marketing techniques can be improvised to be flexible so that they change according to buyer patterns, behavioral history, and personal preferences. But in order to properly strategize, companies, especially entrepreneurs and new entrants in the market should be aware of the latest trends that are currently ruling this space. But these trends are affected by certain growth factors.

Let us try to decipher the primary growth factors that entrepreneurs should consider while creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


First up is of course technology. With AI and Chatbots ruling the segment of customer service, we can’t deny the importance of artificial intelligence empowered live chat tools. This software not only lessens the stress of repeated tasks but also helps customers receive instant, relevant responses. Several companies now resort to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack to create their own, personalized bots so as to keep their customers satisfied and happy.

Another aspect of technology is to offer a seamless browsing option. One should ensure that banner advertisements and websites do not take too much time to load. Apart from technical challenges, companies also need to invest in equipment and services in order to implement their digital marketing campaigns.

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Content & Storytelling

They say content is king and rightly so. Thought-inducing, informative, and interesting content is a vital part of digital marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs, who are aiming to make an impact with their new brand, should consider developing engaging content that can grab attention and retain buyers for longer durations. The right content on social media channels at the right time leads to huge traffic, thereby, making customers aware of brand values and transparency.

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Another type of content is interactive content, which is really helpful if one’s agency belongs to the B2B space. This helps in lead generation. Some examples of interactive content are whitepapers, guides, forms, quizzes, polls, and videos.

Mobile platforms

With customers spending most of their time on their mobile devices, mobile marketing is another field that needs focus. With a seamless mobile strategy and website, digital marketing companies can benefit from various phone applications such as text messages, Whatsapp, or even payment gateways.

Growth hacking and reviews

SEO and video marketing tools form an important part of growth hacking, which is inevitable to scale and grow one’s business. Again, the number of reviews is another factor that Google considers while giving a rank to your website. This is important and companies should focus their efforts on the number and quality of Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews, etc.

Digital wallets

With demonetization and absence of paper notes on a record high, digital payment gateways such as Paytm or Google Pay have become an important aspect of digital marketing. These easy-to-use wallets for digital currency are one of the ideal tools to own and advertise if any company wishes to attract more buyers. With high-speed Internet available in almost all smartphones, digital payment cannot and should not be ignored.

Social media

Social media presence is extremely important nowadays. Whenever any customer hears about a company, they look it up on the major social media handles. And its presence means authenticity. With healthy and active social media accounts, businesses can ensure prolonged customer engagement, new customers, and existing customer retention.

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Target market

When you develop any digital marketing strategy, you should first assign and determine your target customer base. Blind promotions and advertising to unrelated internet users are futile and simply waste your firm’s resources. Proper content, tailored for the right audience will make sure that your message reaches only those who matter.

Integration of online and offline channels

People usually visit websites for extra information. If they do not get the required data, they might visit the affiliated brick and mortar stores. As a result, it is necessary that you integrate your offline and online market.


Whenever you plan any marketing campaign, the cost is of utmost concern. If you are an entrepreneur, it’s likely that your budget is limited. In such a scenario, one can resort to low-cost digital marketing options. These include increasing social media presence, writing blogs, and making videos with just the use of a computer and mobile or web camera. If you think of developing microsites, invest in pay-per-click ad campaigns and develop short message services, then you will have to increase your budget.

Good branding and constant improvement

With a digital age that is always evolving, the demands and views of customers also change. Hence, one needs to update and monitor one’s content on a continuous basis so that the information does not become obsolete. Companies can always improve their content based on feedback and reviews while including the latest trends.

Again, good branding is important to maintain credibility. Some of the elements that affect a brand proposition are data tracking, brand monitoring, and product analysis demographics.

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The right workforce

Each domain of digital marketing needs its own experts, who contribute toward the growth of your company. We have the SEO Expert, Content Expert, SEM or PPC Expert, SMO Expert, Email Marketing Expert, Conversion Rate Optimization Expert, Web Analytics Professional, and Youtuber. Only then, one can ensure that the right message reaches the right audience through the right channels.

With millions of internet users and a majority of them accessing the Internet through mobiles, digital marketing strategies should be aimed at creating and maintaining a network of people. One should plan, implement, and monitor digital marketing strategies by investing enough time. Without regular monitoring, one would not know what needs to be changed and improved. With customized marketing techniques, one can ensure that his new or already existing business will soar to new heights.

Chanchal SoniAuthor Bio: Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at Appitsimple. She has experience in mobile app development, digital marketing, social media, content strategy, and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & Boston sports.

Digital Marketing Growth Factors

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