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Multi-Channel eCommerce

We know it takes more than a pretty home page to launch a successful so we. We emphasize planning, research, and critical analysis. And once it’s launched, we will work with you to develop the content and optimize the site.

  • eCommerce SolutionsWe deliver seamless management of all business sales channels while integrating into Back-Office and Front-Office functions to streamline operations. The modules are primarily aimed at meeting the needs of product-based businesses. Wholesale, Retail, E-Commerce, Distribution, Resellers, and related businesses are business categories that can take full advantage of the broad set of capabilities,s and the unique value proposition AgilIron solution brings to the marketplace.
  • Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through search engine optimization or organic SEO, paid placement or PPC,  local search, and link-building strategies.
  • Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, and others continuously grow and attract new users. A company can leverage these sites in many ways s to deliver a message, manage its reputation, grow business, or encourage brand loyalty.

Web Hosting – Everything you need to give your Website the reliable, high-performance home it deserves at an affordable price!

We offer a Basic Deployment package that includes the following:

  • Product Configuration and Import Design – we make it easy to set up your inventory and products and track your products’ details. O2 has many custom field capabilities. Your eCommerce trainer will design an Excel template to complete to bring in all the information you need with a short import process. And voila – we will then be your complete database of all your products!
  • User Configuration and Security Settings – our solutions offer flexible user settings and security permissions. Your eCommerce trainer will help you identify your user and security needs and configure your store appropriately.
  • Reporting – because our solutions are built on a robust, flexible database platform, you have many options for the reports you can generate once your data is in the system. Your eCommerce trainer will help you define the reports providing ongoing, critical information to manage your business.
  • Channel Configuration – We integrate with existing platforms like Shopify, Amazon, POS, and more. Your eCommerce trainer will help you determine which channels to implement and then help you set up each channel. The result? An integrated, central database that is easy to use and has everything in one place. The Basic Deployment Package includes one channel configuration. Additional channels will be configured at an additional cost.
  • Unlimited Email Support – Your eCommerce team will provide three months of unlimited email support as part of your Basic Deployment package. Additional support can be purchased separately in the Premium Support package or by the incident.

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