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As per digital marketers, your link-building and online strategies have to follow Google’s concept of E-A-T (expert, authoritative, and trustworthy) to satisfy certain quality guidelines. The Quality Rater Guidelines attributed to Google Search consider sites displaying E-A-T characteristics of higher quality than their counterparts. Such sites get better search engine rankings and get rewarded with increased organic traffic and revenue in the long run.

Digital Marketing – Concept of E-A-T – Expert, Authoritative, Trustworthy

E-A-T has now become an important concept globally. It’s seen dominating search results with user intent in mind; this is certainly the right way to go for your digital marketing efforts.

Aim For E-A-T in SEO

For most business owners, the entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concept is quite new and confusing. This is specifically true regarding Google guidelines and regulations for digital marketing strategies. E-A-T should serve as your rulebook when you set out to practice SEO. According to experts at white-label SEO Agency OutreachMonks, it is important to create your website in a manner that is considered expert, authoritative, and trustworthy.

If you can implement the concept effectively, your website will improve. It will be future-proof and attract the right links to enhance your brand visibility. You can add more value to user intent, just as Google desires. Professionals in link building service from OutreachMonks can help include E-A-T’s characteristics in your SEO campaigns. All these attributes will place your site in the good books of Google and catapult you to the top of SERP rankings in no time.

What is User Intent?

While following the E-A-T approach, you will come across the term’ user intent’ that relates to why anyone would run a Google search. It mainly refers to the driving force behind a query. For instance, the search query, ‘plumbing services in Seattle, WA,’ has a stronger intent than mere ‘plumbing’ The latter does not suggest what the search is directed towards – plumbing agency, tools for plumbing, online courses in plumbing, or something else. On the other hand, the query’ plumbing services in Seattle, WA’ suggests that the user may require plumbing services at home or work in Seattle, WA. He is probably looking for professionally trained plumbers on an urgent basis. Once you understand the E-A-T concept, it will become easy for you to satisfy your searchers’ intent effectively.

Link Building and E-A-T

The popularity and importance of any given site give an idea of the weight that its outbound links would carry. A website with thousands of inbound links depicts that it has cultivated authority, possesses a lot of expertise, and enjoys a high trust quotient with other sites. You must also aim for the same.

E-A-T with Expert Link Builders

The link-building team at Outreach Monks increases the Domain Authority (DA) and link juice to your website by delivering only trustworthy, expert, and authoritative content. They leave no stone unturned to make your website gain high authority and trust with search engines. Give more credence to your link-building exercise – contact its experts today.

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