Digital Adoption Platforms: Benefits And How To Choose The Right One For You

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Digital Adoption Platforms: Benefits And How To Choose The Right One For You

CIPD shows that only 20% of employees felt that a technological change was successful when not consulted. Conversely, 70% of employees felt that this change was successful when consulted before adoption. These statistics demonstrate that a company needs to ensure that all employees are empowered to use any new technology to feel supported in their job role by the business. 

A digital adoption platform (DAP) can make it easier for your employees to learn and adapt to new software. It facilitates the learning process by simplifying user tasks, allowing the user to focus on one task at a time without distraction, and enabling you to monitor the success of digital adoption across the company. Read on for the benefits of using DAPs to integrate with relevant software and what you need to think about before choosing the best one for your business.

The Benefits of a Digital Adoption Platform

As well as boosting your employee experience by adopting software that makes their lives easier, a digital adoption solution can also help employees take on a new digital mindset, use new digital processes and achieve organizational change. Overall, using a DAP can be beneficial as it can:

  • Reduce the burden on IT support – A DAP can act like an interactive guide that allows the user to learn an application in real-time. If your employee experiences any issues, they can contact the platform’s support team, providing more contextual assistance than your IT support team.
  • Diminishes user onboarding time and simplifies workflows – As an interactive DAP can provide in-moment support to users, it can reduce frustration, improving employee onboarding. In addition, this means that the user can spend more time applying their knowledge to improve business processes.
  • Lessens employee resistance to new software adoption – Employees can get a continual sense of empowerment and accomplishment from a DAP as it helps them achieve their goals at the right moment.
  • Lowers long-term costs of implementing technology – Most technology can change, which means that employees will continually need to be trained in terms of any software updates. While a DAP will have several initial costs for setup and implementation, a DAP can automatically be updated in line with any change with little effort. Moreover, a DAP can help you meet your customer’s ever-growing needs and improve your ROI simultaneously, as employees can use technology that enables your goals.

Choosing the Right Digital Adoption Platform for Your Business

While it is clear that a DAP can offer several benefits for your business, these types of solutions can fail if you do not opt for the right one for your needs. So, when looking at a variety of digital adoption solutions, keep these six points in mind:

  • Goes Beyond Classroom Learning With In-App Learning

A DAP should offer an in-app learning experience where employees can access relevant information, guides, or tutorials when they need them when using a specific part of the software. This feature means that a user can carry on receiving guidance on a particular task at hand without being distracted by training that is not relevant to them.

  • Allows Code-Less Content Creation

Using technology with efficiency and ease might require your business to make regular updates to content. Your DAP should allow you to update content without using code quickly.   

  • Can Easily Be Scaled And Integrated

As your business might adopt various types of software to drive a successful digital transformation, your chosen DAP should have the functionality to work with all applications. Additionally, there should be no technical issues or bugs when implementing a DAP solution across the entire company to several users. So, look at user reviews on platforms like Capterra and G2 of DAP software before considering it an option.

  • Possesses Relevant Data Security And Privacy Certification

Your DAP solution needs to demonstrate its commitment to data security and privacy. It will come into contact with sensitive business information when integrating with any required applications. So, it would be best if you made sure that it only captures data on a user to help them learn new technology. Examples of respected certifications include SOC2 or ISO, often displayed on a provider’s website.

  • Offers Adequate Support And Guidance 

It would be best if you had the best guidance and support from your DAP solution from the point of purchase until you go live. So first, look for positive implementation elements like whether a solution charges you for every account management call or whether they can offer free onboarding for all users, regardless of the number. Then, ensure that your customer support representative can provide continual guidance for the platform to meet your goals, be available immediately, and offer 24/7 assistance. 

  • Allows You To Track The Success Of The Platform Once You Take On A DAP Solution

Once you take on a DAP solution, you need to focus on usage, adoption, and productivity metrics. So, your DAP solution should offer ongoing analytics that can answer questions like this:

    1. How efficient have your employees become after using this DAP solution?
    2. Is there a reduction in the time to solve a customer’s problem after integrating this DAP with your business application?

A digital adoption solution helps ensure that employees embrace new technology as they are seamlessly guided through the best way of using the software to improve their productivity and efficiency in their role. Although it is an ongoing process to ensure that your employees thrive in a digital world, use an informed approach when choosing a DAP in line with our points in this article. 

Digital Adoption Platforms: Benefits And How To Choose The Right One For You

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