Different Types of Website Design Services

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Website designing is the most crucial thing for any business. If you want to earn money on the digital platform, then the first thing you should perform is building a website. Whether you have a small company or a large one, you should make a website by consulting with a website designing company in Kolkata. In this article, you will learn about the different types of website designing services. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you should learn about these things. A website is something that makes your business visible and gives you real traffic, and maximizes your profit.

Types of website designing services

  1. Homepage

The home page is the main page of any website. It gives you the information about your company and the services provided by you. It should look beautiful. If you want to design your homepage, then you should visit the Best Digital Marketing Company Kolkata. The conversion rate of your business depends upon the design of your homepage. Most of the people visit and spend time on your site after visiting the homepage. So, make sure that your site’s home page should be attractive and match the brand logo and images.

  1. Websites for magazines

If you want to make a magazine website, you should add pictures and articles related to education and other informative things. By creating a website for the magazines, you can become visible to the world. To make a magazine website, you should use the basic framework. The magazine industry has been changed in the passing years. It would be best if you had a similar layout for each article so that it looks attractive. You should ensure that it will be responsive with every screen size.

  1. E-commerce website

If you want to create your own brand by selling online things, you should go with e-commerce websites. When you are developing an e-commerce website, then you should make it responsive and user-friendly. Create a website where people can easily browse the products and filter them according to the categories.

  1. Sites for blog posting

If you love to write articles, blogs, and any content and want to earn money through them, you should first make a website. Create a website where you can post daily news, blogs, and articles on a specific topic. Here you can update regular articles and blogs. In this want your article will be visible to more and more people and you receive more views. It can maximize your credibility and visibility.

  1. Websites for portfolio

If you are an entrepreneur or a fashion and digital marketer, you should make your portfolio website. By building a portfolio site, you can showcase your work to people. Here you can showcase your best work. Most of the writers, designers, filmmakers used this type of site. Create few categories where you can categorize your work according to that.

  1. Landing page site

If you are ready to create a marketing campaign, then a landing page is the most needed thing. It can track your visitors and attract more and more people to visit your site and become your client. The landing page should have few contents. It should have a call-to-action button that people can use to visit your website or the service section.

  1. Social media sites

If you want to create a social media site to target more and more audiences, you should visit the Web Development Company Kolkata. Create the site with the help of developers and attract users to become aware of your brand. Use the logo and choose colors that tell about the personality and the services provided by you.

  1. Contact pages

The contact page is the page where people can visit to connect directly with the company executives. A website should have this page so that more and more people can visit and ask for a quote. In this, you can maximize your chance to convert more leads.

  1. Video content sites

If you want to upload viral videos on a single platform for entertainment purposes, you can make video content websites. To build this, you should visit the best developers of web design in West Bengal.

Choose the right developers.

To build the right site, you should go for the developers who have years of experience in this field. They should have experience and knowledge. They should be updated with advanced technologies and frameworks. If you want to make better engagement on your site, you can visit to hire SEO service provider Kolkata. By hiring them, you can become visible to the world.


No matter which type of website you need, the best web design company Kolkata, can fulfill all your dreams and makes you popular.

Different Types of Website Design Services

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