Different Marketing Strategies for Chiropractors

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Chiropractors are some of the most in-demand healthcare professionals, with thousands of people trooping to centers and clinics for appointments every day. While this is good for the chiropractic industry, it can be challenging for chiropractors to stir up the market and attract more customers.

Making a mark in the chiropractic industry takes a lot of determination, hard work, and the right marketing strategies. You have to find different ways to establish your brand before attracting your target customers. You can use several techniques, such as studying the market, understanding your audience, and boosting brand recognition.

What follows are different marketing strategies you need to adapt to promote your chiropractic practice and increase your patient base.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter draw in millions of users every day. Take advantage of these social networking sites’ power and create an account or business page for your practice in one, two, or four networks. Invite your existing customers to like and follow your pages. Create content as regularly as you can, and ensure that it will encourage your audience to interact with you.

Post special offers and activities from time-to-time to help keep your followers’ engagement rate high. Some good examples are online contests (i.e., post with the most likes and best photo challenge), fun chiropractor trivia, and Facebook lives events.

Always make sure that your content is fresh, unique, and interesting for your target audience. Don’t forget to post high-quality photos and videos, too.

Join Online and Offline Chiropractor Events

A great way to expand your network, both on and offline, is to join events. Conventions, conferences, expos, and other business events are good venues for connecting with fellow chiropractors and potential customers. Don’t hesitate to hand out your business cards and some flyers or brochures. You can even choose to give out items like mugs, ref magnets, and pens with your name, clinic address, and contact information.

Additionally, you may also want to create your chiropractic events. Partner with local businesses and come up with special events for their employees. Please give them a sample of what you offer and provide them with promo codes and discounts. Building a personal connection with these businesses and employees can increase brand awareness and bring in new customers.

Organize Wellness Events in Your Clinic or Office

Wellness events always draw in big crowds. They bring in a varied population of wellness enthusiasts, healthcare workers, homemakers, students, and curious visitors. Create several of these events and host them in your clinic. You can have these events on weekends or after office hours. Don’t forget to post the event on all your social media pages so your existing patients and their contacts will learn about the events.

During each event, give out your business card, flyers, or brochures (or all three). Don’t forget to talk to your patients and other attendees. These wellness events are good venues for face-to-face interaction with your target customers. Likewise, it is an effective customer relations strategy.

Offer Corporate and Family Packages

Reaching out to businesses and families is also a good marketing strategy because it establishes your brand as personal, caring, and customer-oriented. Partner with some companies and offer them group discounts for selected services. You may also want to provide them with a corporate rate that’s significantly lower than the regular rates.

Encourage your existing patients to bring in their family members by offering free consultations and discounted sessions. You can also come up with special packages for families, one that offers lower rates for selected services.

Referral Rewards

Lastly, offer referral rewards to patients who bring in friends and relatives to your clinic. Come up with a system that tracks these referrals and offers freebies and discounts to both the existing and referred patient.

These are just some creative marketing strategies you can use to attract more patients to your chiropractic practice. There are many more fun and unique ways to market your clinic, but these simple steps will help set you on the right track.

About the Author

Anthony Vought is the Content Marketer of Digital Chiropractic Marketing, a team of expert web designers and digital marketing strategists who help chiropractors boost their practice’s digital presence. He makes the most of his free time reading graphic novels and going for trail hikes with his colleagues and friends.

Different Marketing Strategies for Chiropractors