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How I Make Over £1,000 A Week from Email Marketing

E-mail marketing has always been in the demand in the commercial world to spread the word about a product or service. With time, it has enhanced to new heights to achieve new landmarks of creativity and effectiveness. Every company has customer data on which it wants to send many types of e-mails. Some are promotional for existing customers, while some are informative to attract prospective clients.

However, not all companies have the time and human resource to get these e-mails designed. As a result, they hire either digital marketing companies or individuals, to get this work done. The previous option is expensive as companies take big amounts for each and every service. The latter one is much inexpensive, and this is the opportunity you can explore as an e-mail marketer.

Earning income from email marketing may differ according to your expertise and the projects you get. However, if you want to earn an amount up to £1,000 then an organized approach needs to be brought under consideration.

Take only commercial projects

When it comes to earning, it is not good to take non-commercial projects. Take only those that sell something. Companies that have to sell products give more money if you give them what they want and how they want. Your one e-mail message goes to thousands of people and in turn, you can take a good charge for that. This takes you nearer to your target of earning a certain amount.

Charge for not only your work but also experience

If you have worked in this field for several years, it is time to monetize it. Many companies search for experienced ones because they want to get their commercial message to wear a professional feel. The right way to write and present a message is very important to get more customers. Considering this fact, your clients can give you more for your experience. Set a charge that precisely describes your expertise, which cannot be attained by an inexperienced person.

Keep adding new skills

E-mail marketing is a part of digital marketing, which frequently keeps updating with new features. Besides, due to the competitive world, your clients expect you to do something new and amazing every single time. They have their own rivals and thus to stay ahead of them, they force you to create something unprecedented. You need to keep updating your knowledge, this brings you more opportunities and in turn more money. Get enrolled for courses on e-mail marketing and learn the skills. If needed you can borrow funds easily online. There are plenty of options for loans. The best part is they are also available for those living situation can take out loans on benefits with bad credit from a direct lender ‘AOneFinance’ in the UK.

Find the clients with a big sales target

The commercial messages that focus to reach to a wider range of people can earn you more money. Find out the projects/clients that have big sales target. Such clients are usually ready to give a good fee without any bargaining. It is very important to choose the right type of project as it is the prime source to get money. The companies who have small sales targets may not even get into e-mail marketing thing. However, those with huge targets are serious about reaching to the customers.

Work as a freelancer with renowned digital marketing companies

The digital marketing companies are client-based and have countless projects to work on. Not all, but few make their name in the marketing world. If somehow you manage to get the opportunity to work as a freelancer for any one of them, you can get a big amount on a weekly basis. Maybe you get the chance to work for more than one marketing companies. Keep exploring the possibilities as e-mail marketing is quite in demand and there are many things for you out there in the name of opportunities.

Find out the products that sell frequently

If you talk about marriage banquet halls, they may need promotion in some particular seasons only. Find out the things that are in demand irrespective of season and reason. Create email campaigns for those that people need almost ALWAYS. Fashion, automobiles, organic food products, etc. are profitable fields. Some are desires, some are needs while working for such products you can keep earning a good amount every week. The things that are less in demand or are the slaves of particular season or weather, cannot prove a deal of benefit. However, they can certainly be the projects to get additional income with the core ones.


With the above ways, you can surely earn up to £1000 through e-mail marketing. However, do not let greed affect your natural talent. Take the projects, which you can tackle easily and are also profitable. The target to earn a certain amount is not difficult (until it is not too big) but do not forget to do the right thing at the right time.

Develop Your eMail Marketing Business

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