Decreasing Shopping Cart Abandonment

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The Top 5 Proven Methods of Decreasing the Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Even though eCommerce has plenty of advantages and is becoming increasingly popular, there are still many things that business owners struggle with. The number one thing that most eCommerce shops have to deal with is shopping cart abandonment. 

According to TechPriceCrunch, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.57%, which is alarming. Luckily, some methods can help decrease shopping cart abandonment significantly if implemented correctly.

Here are the ones that have been proven to work the most. 

Display the Shipping Costs Upfront

One of the most common reasons people abandon shopping carts is that they expect to pay one price, but they discover that they need to pay more when they are just about to place an order. 

In most cases, those extra bucks are shipping costs they were not able to see upfront. Fortunately, the solution is simple—all you should do is display additional costs. It’s also advisable to show how many days customers will have to wait to receive their package.  

Offer Multiple Payment Methods

Another important thing you should do to decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate is to offer a few payment methods instead of just one. If you have only one payment method available, you are putting a huge obstacle between your potential customers and your brand. 

Therefore, it’s best to offer the most popular payment methods your clients use so that they can select which one works best for them. 

Display Progress Indicator on Checkout Pages

By displaying progress indicators on checkout pages, you can avoid potential shopping cart abandonment because customers know exactly how much time they need to place an order. 

If they can’t see all the steps they need to take to buy from your eCommerce shop, they might worry that it’ll take too long. That’s often why many of them change their minds along the way and decide not to purchase. 

Include Call to Action on Checkout Pages

Many people overlook the power of CTAs, but in reality, they play a huge role in marketing and advertising. CTAs serve to motivate your potential customer and tell them what to do next, especially if they are already engaged with your products or content. 

Therefore, make sure to include a strong CTA on your product page and checkout pages. Remember that you should consist of relevant CTAs depending on your potential customer in the buying process.

Provide a Money-Back Guarantee Option

Although eCommerce shops are becoming increasingly popular, there’s still some hesitation regarding trust in the product’s quality that customers are purchasing. The reasons are straightforward:

  • eCommerce shops are relatively new compared to physical shops;
  • People can’t touch and see the product while making the purchase. 

Therefore, it’s best to provide a money-back guarantee option. It will increase the level of trust and encourage people to carry out their purchases. 

 Final Thoughts

Ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular. Yet, one of the biggest challenges that eCommerce businesses are still facing is shopping cart abandonment. The buying process should be simplified to decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate. Therefore, following the tips mentioned above should help any eCommerce store reap a successful business’s benefits.

Decreasing Shopping Cart Abandonment

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