Decoding the Algorithm of Snapchat

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Decoding the Algorithm of Snapchat

What is that content impacting millions of users, and how do businesses use Snapchat’s capabilities and expansive reach to reach suitable audiences for their services or products?

One of the important aspects that dictate the platform’s algorithm is information that’s either shared or intuited by the users.

Brands are always trying to keep up with their algorithm as a marketing platform since it keeps changing frequently. So the question comes down to how does Snapchat make money?

Since the fourth quarter of 2018, Snapchat users have only increased steadily from 347 million daily active users. Since then, the platform has become one of the most popular social media platforms.

This social media platform has a varying user base. But, according to stats, it has been a hot favorite of Gen Z and millennials. In fact, in the third quarter of 2021, there were 13 million daily Snapchat users, with Gen Zs making up most of its users.

To understand how Snapchat works, let us first understand what the Snapchat algorithm is.

What is the Snapchat Algorithm?

Like other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the algorithm of Snapchat is particularly made for serving users that will cater to their interests. The motive is quite simple. But, offering relevant content to users needs certain guidelines.

Usually, people call social media algorithms singularly. But, on any given platform, the implementation of many algorithms happens. When it comes to Snapchat, those algorithms include the following parameters:

  • Best Friends
  • Quick Add
  • Discover page,
  • Spotlight
  • Face Detection, and
  • Stories algorithms.

Let us talk about the algorithm of each aspect and how they collectively help show content to Snapchat users.

How does the Snapchat Algorithm Work?

The functioning of Snapchat is based on the collective algorithm of its different features. They help in determining the content users see on their feeds. Let us talk about each aspect and how each of its algorithms determines the collective algorithm of the platform.

Snapchat Best Friends Algorithm

The algorithm that helps determine the best friend list and what factors are considered in the rankings is yet to be known. However, the list keeps updating itself as users engage with friends.

Before 2018, the platform made a list depending on the number of user interactions with each other over the past week. But, the algorithm has become complex; it broadly considers engagement. For example, it includes the snap numbers, participation in group chats, and many more factors.

Snapchat Quick Add Algorithm

There are multiple ways of adding users as friends; however, the application’s quick add suggestion is the best way to determine who to add to this list via your contacts, mutual friends, and users in a group chat.

Mutual friends are the friends of a user’s Snap friends, and they will automatically come in with their suggestions if their friends start Snapping at someone.

Snapchat Discover Page Algorithm

The ‘discover’ page of Snapchat helps users find new content that the platform thinks they might interact with depending on the user’s history. It also includes Sponsored content and Subscription. In addition, users can discover content from Snapchat publishing partners, such as:

    • Brands
    • Entertainment and Media Outlets / News Sources
    • Creators, Snap Stars, Celebrities, Influencers
    • Sponsored Stories

Thus, the ranking of this parameter is hugely impacted by the user’s activity on the platform. In addition, this section is relevant to businesses that advertise via Snap Stories.

Snapchat Spotlight Algorithm

In late 2020, Snapchat launched Spotlight. The platform curates content in this section based on the details that it knows about the users and their past activities.

Here, the content is distinct and is entirely made of user-generated video content. Therefore, users can submit their content for Spotlight consideration regardless of follower counts.

However, one of the Spotlight content rules dictates that businesses can neither submit their sponsored snaps there nor try to sell their services or products.

Snapchat Face Detection Algorithm

For applying lenses to a face, Snapchat leverages the Viola-Jones algorithm. According to the algorithm, most people have more or less the same facial features and structures, called Haar Features.

The algorithm employs the Active Shape Model to detect facial features completely. For example, on an ‘average face,’ this model identifies facial features’ borders. With the help of the Web Builder of the platform, brands can use Snapchat’s AR technology and develop 3D Lens and immersive campaigns.

Snapchat Stories Algorithm

Unlike the other algorithms of the app, Snapchat Stories appear in chronological order. Thus, the Snapchat algorithm for Stories is unique. The more stories users publish, the more people can see them. So if a brand wants to gain traction on this platform, it is important to post relevant content in their stories regularly.

On Snapchat’s stories features, users can find stories that are particularly relevant to their interests, current affairs, news-based stories, and more. So when users see a story they like, they can ‘subscribe’ to the account that has posted it. If stories are quite interactive, users are more likely to subscribe.

These are parameters on which algorithms run on the platform and how Snapchat makes money.

Concluding Words

If users continue to view brand ads on Snapchat, its algorithm is promising news for brands and app developers. The new algorithm improves users’ likelihood of seeing higher content in their feeds. Moreover, they are less likely to skip content and watch the entire ad as they feel more personalized.

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