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Data Science Professional Certifications

First of all, let us say congratulations. If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely stepped onto the fast track to professional success by using data science skills in your work. Now let us ask you a question…

Do You Like Your Data?

Sure you do! I think we can safely assume that working with data is more fun than having root canal surgery — which we’re confident everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. Sure there were times when they probably wished the dentist had never mentioned it might be beneficial to get a filling — but they sure appreciated him for mentioning it…

That’s exactly where we’re At with Data Science!

As you’ve likely noted, the data science industry is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s not just because it makes statistical analysis easier and faster than ever before — although that’s part of it. No, data science is in high demand these days because professionals want to work in an industry to enjoy themselves!

And You Know What? There Are Plenty of Opportunities To Do Just That!

From taking advantage of the latest web tools to automating certain tasks by using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, people use many different methods when faced with the challenge of analyzing large amounts of information regularly.

One method involves taking the time to keep one’s skills up to date with industry standards, of course. That’s where data science certification exams come in. And that’s what this article is all about!


As you know, data scientists spend a lot of time working with and puzzling over information — some more than others (enter “job security” joke here). Now imagine doing that daily while never actually knowing which tools and methods are most likely to give you the results you’re looking for. That takes some serious skill and patience! But, again, you can take the assistance of the DBA administrator.

Fortunately for people like yourself, various organizations such as the International Institute for Analytics (IIBA) have published the results of their studies into what people in your field expect out of potential employers. The name for this study is “The Strategic Information Needs of Data Analysts and Their Role in Business Analytics” (SINDA).

Studying this report will give you an idea about how to position yourself with one foot in front of the other when it comes to important things like data science certification exams.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • First, 80% of data scientists surveyed claimed that having a college degree in statistics, mathematics, or computer science wasn’t enough to ensure successful performance on the job.
  • 90% believed that having obtained at least one professional certification was helpful toward achieving greater success in their field.
  • Data science professionals who have gained at least one professional certification display higher salaries, greater job security, and quicker career advancement than their non-certified counterparts.

This shows that employers are looking for qualified professionals dedicated to continuously improving their performance levels in this industry.

Furthermore, the study identified five specific categories of information that people in your position should be well informed about:

1)    Using data to measure business impact

2)    Managing data resources effectively

3)    Measuring business value with analytics tools

4)    Understanding the benefits of Predictive Analytics Domain Knowledge (PA DK)

5)    Gaining business acumen through statistical methods

Based on these results, it’s easy to see why many professionals strongly feel the need to obtain a data science certification to stay competitive and marketable in the current job market.

  • Since employers typically expect candidates to have obtained one or more industry-recognized certifications, it’s only natural that having them will give you an advantage when looking for work.
  • The need to be highly competent when using various technologies such as business analytics tools and programming languages can be overwhelming — especially if you’re juggling other tasks simultaneously (like holding down a full-time job). Therefore, putting your career on autopilot by obtaining professional certification is beneficial when faced with this scenario.
  • Career advancement is influenced mainly by your ability to produce quality work within a given time limit. In addition, attaining one or more data science certifications will help you to improve your credibility as a serious and reliable professional.


Data science certification exams are becoming an industry standard, so being able to show potential employers that you have them under your belt will give you the edge over other job seekers who don’t have them. In addition, employers want professionals who can bring something new and fresh to the table — people who will maintain a high level of proficiency in their craft and keep learning from both their mistakes and personal experience to increase their chances for success.

Data Science Professional Certifications