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Custom eCommerce Development is Right for Online Businesses

Last year, a data science-based lead generation company tracked e-Commerce companies across the world and its estimates suggest that there are roughly 1.3 million e-Commerce companies in the world. This figure does not take into consideration the e-Commerce companies in China. And North America (U.S. and Canada) accounts for nearly 1.3 million e-Commerce companies.

If you look at the figures that many e-Commerce development services companies like Shopify, there are almost 500,000 companies supported by the platform. Magento boasts of the exact same number of sites, according to the data by BuiltWith.

Leaving these numbers aside, it proves, that e-Commerce is a hyper-competitive space today. Of all the sites built and created using superior e-Commerce development solutions, only an average of 208,000 e-Commerce companies have a revenue of less than one million USD!

But all these e-Commerce development companies have one common factor i.e the challenge to have a website that is not only unique but also guarantees superior customer experience and engagement.

In many of our blogs, we have stressed that both customer engagement and experience are an important metric for conversion optimization. The real question is what guarantees it?

The answer is customization.

Be it for a small online business or large e-Commerce brand, there is a pressing need to a have custom eCommerce website.

Custom e-Commerce Development is Not Faff

As a regular customer who frequently goes through many eCommerce websites, I believe eCommerce development is more than creating snazzy sites. There are sites that are solely built to sell away merchandise. Then there are some created to keep the customer delighted with content, through blogs, newsletters, and email marketing campaigns.

In short, building a custom eCommerce site involves a bunch of strategies that make a website more than what meets the eye.

From SEO, dedicated web or in-house server hosting, backend support to smart call-of-action buttons, building a standard website is a strenuous task. Then imagine the level of creativity, efforts and intuitiveness it takes to create a custom eCommerce website!

If you are still thinking that its best to do what you know with WordPress for your growing eCommerce website, I reckon that the experts in this field disagree and recommend outsourcing this job to a professional eCommerce website developer.

Ultimately, it must be a win-win situation for both your eCommerce business and customers. That can only be achieved with a custom-built eCommerce website because of its advantages like:

  1. Custom e-Commerce Sites Help Boost Brand Perception: Customers need a platform that best resonates with the brand philosophy and also boosts its brand value. When a renowned brand goes digital, customers will have the same level of expectations or maybe more on its online platform in terms of engagement, service, and speed. In short, having a website that is exclusively designed for your business increases the chances of retaining customers and gaining their trust.
  2. Reduce Bounce Rates: In one of our previous blogs, we pointed that loading speed of the web pages influences customers to stay or leave the site. Even research data supports this fact with its findings—close to 47 percent of the customers prefer the sites to load in less than 2 seconds. And 40 percent of customers are more likely to abandon the site if it takes more than three seconds. Custom e-Commerce website development companies understand every businesses’ unique requirements and help eliminate factors that slow downloading speed and other aspects of the site which increase bounce rate.
  3. Easier Way to Increase Customer Base: Once the website is equipped with SEO strategy to increase its presence and ranking on the search engines, the next wisest thing to do is to build a unique and eye-catching site. A website that stands out generally is visually appealing, has engaging content and unique features that simplify users’ journey and experience on the site. This is one of the advantages that businesses are less likely to attain from out-of-the-box website development solutions.
  4. Manage Speed, Performance, and Security as Per Needs: It is true different businesses have different requirements. An e-Commerce company that sells fast moving products may require their sites to load faster and have all options that make buying, payment and ordering actions simple. Since most customers key in their personal information, e-Commerce companies that provide online payment options need to take additional measures to ensure their sites are secure. These important features can be adjusted as per the priority of each business.
  5. Smart Way to Make Sites More Customer-centric: Most businesses need to adopt a customer-first approach even while building an e-Commerce site. That means it should take into consideration the geographic, demographic and other factors that are unique to their target audience. It requires a lot of analysis and use algorithms to push the most relevant products or services to customers based on their past behaviors, personas, and requirements. This is essential for e-Commerce companies for long-term customer retention and loyalty.
  6. Gain Insights on Customers, Marketing Actions and Business: Use of analytics and tools that track and measure the performance of marketing campaigns, understand customer behaviors and identify reasons for users’ passivity or reasons for abandoning sites are great for the long-term health of e-Commerce business. Customization of e-Commerce sites by integrating with relevant tools and technologies for analysis and tracking of important sales and marketing actions is a must in the current times.

What are your reasons to customize your e-Commerce site?

Let us know at Smart Sight Innovations.

Custom eCommerce Development is Right for Online Businesses

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