Creative Ways To Make Extra Money In Your Business
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Creative Ways To Make Extra Money In Your Business

The overarching goal in any business is to generate revenue. As much as possible, you want your expenses to be way lower than your income to increase the profit margin.  

In today’s economy, it may not be enough to stick to the traditional setup of buying products at a low price and, then, selling it with a markup. You have to be imaginative and think outside the box when considering additional income streams for your enterprise. Just make sure to stay within the bounds of the law. 

Creative Ways To Make Extra Money In Your Business

Here are the creative ways to make extra money in your business: 

  1. Reduce Costs In Unique Areas 

While sales and marketing are considered as revenue-generating departments, there are some areas in your company that seem to leak profit. An excellent example is your accounts payable section since it processes the payments that you have to make to your suppliers and creditors. 

However, did you know that you can turn your accounts payable into a profit center?  You can do this by investing in a software program that automates the related processes and tasks.  

It may seem counterintuitive to earn extra cash when you have to pay a considerable amount upfront for an accounting program. But, you actually save money in the long run from labor and supplies fees, which frees up some expenses for you to direct to your capital. 

  1. Sublease Your Office

Another way to open up an additional income stream for your business is to sublease a portion of your office. If you’re renting an area that’s too large for your team, you can take advantage of the extra space and rent it out to another startup. Just make sure that the arrangement is agreeable with the landowner so that you won’t get into legal troubles. 

  1. Prioritize Upselling

Upselling may not be considered as a mind-blowing approach, but a lot of business owners neglect their current pool of customers. However, this practice is effective since your sales team will be dealing with buyers who have expressed interest in your products and services. 

With their level of curiosity for your brand, they can be persuaded to try out other merchandise easily. Train your sales team and ensure that your website prioritizes upselling by making the process of adding more products to their carts enticing. 

  1. Follow-Up On Your Leads 

Similar to upselling, following up on your leads entails nurturing your relationship with potential buyers. You don’t need to look very far to boost your sales. You can make it one of your targets to convert all the leads in your contact list into customers. 

Keep reaching out to prospects even until they’ve bought your merchandise. This way, they’ll feel valued as a customer and remain loyal to your brand. 

  1. Partner With Another Business 

You can also become a service supplier for another company. For instance, if you have a web development firm, you can work with marketers in creating websites for their clients if they can’t keep up with their workload.  

This type of client-sharing arrangement is a win-win situation for all parties involved.  You just have to make sure that you can accommodate the workload without incurring more expenses, such as additional workforce and supplies. 

  1. Capitalize On Your Website 

It’s high time for your website to generate income. You can earn money from paid advertisements, like those from Google Ads. The process entails displaying promotional materials from various companies that are relevant to your industry and the web visitors’ interests. 

On the other hand, if your site has gained enough traffic and subscribers, you can get paid for promoting other businesses in your blog. You can do this through guest posts, where the company submits content with a link to their website. You can also create the blog posts yourself to maintain a consistent style and tone throughout your site. 

  1. Become A Consultant

A viable option for earning extra money in your business is to provide consulting services. This is ideal if you’ve gained experience and expertise in your industry. You can help budding companies in their journey by offering practical advice on how to succeed in your niche. 


Whether it’s to increase your working capital or to keep up with operating expenses, it’s always good to earn extra money for your business. You can do this by coming up with creative ways to boost your income. It just takes a little planning and strategizing. Consider these suggestions and come up with more ideas on how you can increase your profits. 

Creative Ways To Make Extra Money In Your Business

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