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How to Create a Social Network for a Church Community

Globalization has strongly changed the way of making relationships in any sphere of activity. Today, in order to be heard and seen, you must necessarily promote your community via social networks. That is why; a social network constitutes a huge opportunity to actively engage and bring the people to the church. However, to become successful, you should develop a detailed plan on how you will promote your church.

Bellow, I`ll highlight the key points for creating a viable social network for church community:

  1. Develop your strategy. After analyzing other church communities, determine your competitive advantage and your target audience. Pay precise attention to targeting the people who attend your church. To effectively engage them, you need to know their interests, mindset, and needs. Split your target audience into the key specific groups. It will bring you more engagement.

Also, a good solution is to appoint somebody who will manage your social network.

  1. Choose the platform for creating your social network. A good example of such platform is Ning. With that social network builder you can build your own equity with regards to your specific business needs. You can manage your network yourself, applying various custom functions. You may freely design it, promote your content or develop SEO and layout.
  2. Define your content. After choosing the platform, you should specify what types of content you are going to post. Ensure the provision of interesting and relevant material. Don`t post sporadically, it will limit the growth of your online community. Don`t forget about the promotion of your special events, post authoritative discussions of church leaders, provide links to your network. And, never stop mentioning about your news and announcements. People should see that your church is active – all your content should be up to date.
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Follow these tips and you will build your own social community. Don’t let anyone forget about you!

How to Create a Social Network for a Church Community

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