Create Brand Awareness For Your Online Business Success: What You Need to Know
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Create Brand Awareness For Your Online Business

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Create Brand Awareness For Your Online Business Success: What You Need to Know

What is Brand Awareness, and Why is it Important

Brand awareness is a metric that determines how well people recognize a brand or business based on its corporate features such as a logo, tagline, or name. The best way to explain brand awareness is through an example of a company that maintains a high level of recognition. Coca-Cola is an excellent example of a company with amazing brand recognition. Any time people see that iconic red can with shite cursive writing, or an animated polar bear drinking a soda people immediately think of Coca-Cola. This is because people are aware of Coke’s national image and all of the components that contribute to it. 

The primary benefit of brand awareness is that most people will purchase products from a brand they recognize over a company they’ve never heard of. But that’s not the only positive impact brand awareness has on a business. Brands that have a high level of awareness also have an easier time building trust and authenticity in their audience. This is because brands that are easily identifiable naturally radiate an essence of authority and leadership. Consumers and even other brands will look to the most identifiable brand in their industry for a sense of direction. For instance, when Apple decided to remove the headphone jack there was quite a bit of pushback. But because Apple was headstrong enough to stick with their decision eventually many other technology brands started to follow in their footsteps. This is because Apple is viewed as a leader in the technology industry. 

How Does Digital Marketing Increase Brand Awareness?

Your organization’s digital marketing efforts likely have the largest impact on its brand awareness of anything else it does. The simple reason for this is digital marketing helps get your brand in front of more eyes, but it also does more than that. A good digital marketing campaign won’t just advertise to everyone, it will target specific audiences that are more likely to purchase your product or service. This will improve not only the scope of your brand awareness but also its quality. Let’s take the example of a hypothetical business consulting firm that specializes in leadership development. By targeting their digital marketing at brands that are likely to invest in a leadership development plan, they’ll have an easier time building worthwhile relationships in their community. 

Create Brand Awareness For Your Online Business
Create Brand Awareness For Your Online Business

Photo by Eva Elijas

Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

  • Know Your Audience

Anytime you engage in any sort of communication, it is a good idea to have a strong understanding of who you’re speaking to. Without proper knowledge of your audience, you won’t be able to effectively market to them and your brand awareness could actually suffer as a result. In order to understand your audience, you’ll have to do research to gather data about them. There are a few ways of doing this, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Surveys are one of the most common ways companies collect data on their users. They’re especially effective if you incentivize your users to respond to the survey with a coupon or discount on your products. 

Here are some of the important data points you may want to collect about your target audience:

  • Age

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Important issues
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite brands
  • Income estimate


  • Set Relevant KPIs

In order to measure the effectiveness of your brand awareness campaign, you’ll need to identify a set of KPIs or key performance indicators. Key performance indicators are quantifiable metrics your company can track to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts. The KPIs you select will depend on what action you’re trying to encourage your target audience to do. 

Here are a few key performance indicators that companies commonly track for marketing campaigns: 

    • Website visits
    • Social media engagement (likes, shares, etc.)
    • Branded searches
    • Mentions
    • Clicks per website visit


  • Create Targeted Campaigns 

Targeted campaigns are the bread and butter of any digital marketing team. They allow a company to show advertisements to specific demographics of their audience that they believe are most likely to convert into a customer. The ability to target specific groups of people with advertisements is important because marketing is less effective when done on a broad level. 

  • Diversify Your Channels

The businesses with the highest levels of brand awareness are engaging with their audience at every opportunity they have. It isn’t enough to invest in either social media or paid advertisements. In order to truly improve your brand’s awareness, you’ll need to diversify your marketing efforts and take advantage of as many channels as possible. 

Here are a few of the different channels you can use to engage with your audience: 

    • Social media
    • Digital advertisements
    • Blog posts
    • Physical advertisements
    • Marketing emails


  • Create a Strong Company Culture

Creating a strong company culture improves a brand’s awareness among both consumers and professionals in your industry. In recent years, people have shown that they will go out of their way to support companies that they feel share the same values that they do. For instance, environmentally conscious consumers will spend more on a product simply because it was manufactured renewably. So, by taking an active interest in the social movements that your workers and your audience care about, your company can help the world while benefitting from improved brand awareness

How Do You Measure Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness can be tricky to measure because it is relatively abstract compared to other metrics of your business. Brand awareness doesn’t necessarily lead directly to more product conversions so it won’t be as easy as looking for an increase in sales. Instead, you’ll have to look at more creative metrics such as social media engagement, and website traffic. These are quantifiable data points that indicate whether a company’s brand awareness is improving.

Create Brand Awareness For Your Online Business

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