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How much does it cost to develop a travel app?

With the latest onset technology, almost everyone now is very much handy with various smartphone applications to make their orders and deals very easily and simply by clicking a few steps. So, it is great to have a travel application on your smartphone that can guide you to plan your holiday properly. With the increasing demand for travel apps among the travelers, it has now become a fruitful business to develop into a feature-full and easy-to-use travel application. If you are planning to invest your money in developing such an application and want to get some idea about its cost, then this article can help you a lot to have a clear picture of it.

There are plenty of travel applications from many tours and travel companies you can find in the app-list on your mobile phone. But there are only a few apps that provide all the necessary traveling requirements of a tourist into a single application. That is why the features of a travel app are the most essential factor in any Travel App Development.

The cost to develop a travel application depends on the useful features it has to assist its users to get better control over their journey in different locations. The exact cost of an ant travel app will vary according to the features that you are going to incorporate in it. Hence, below are some certain features you need to inculcate to develop such an application which we are going to discuss it here. Let us have a glance at them.

Travel Application Features

  1. Travel Planner: In this segment, you need to include destination-search features to track down the visiting spots, travel tips and guides to be ready with a proper idea about the visiting place. Also, try to include a trip scheduling feature to manage the visiting time and e-tickets facility.
  2. Travel Journal: By integrating the user’s mobile camera, this feature will allow the explorers to capture their best and precious travel moments with friends and family with different live notes.
  3. Navigation and Location Map: This is the most basic feature of a travel application nowadays. This attribute can assist travelers while they are traveling in unknown and new destinations. It can be also a comfortable option for its users to explore nearby places to visit on their vacation.
  4. In-app booking feature: You must include this facility in your application through which the user will be able to book hotels, trains, buses, flights, cabs, etc. in a single application. You can design your packages with attractive offers, coupons, and discounts to draw their attention and make your app popular.
  5. Reviews: It has now become a necessity to check the reliability of service before paying them with money. The review section of your travel application is the perfect place where the users can get a fruitful recommendation before hiring some services like hotels, travel, and transport. So, you just need to put this element in your app to enhance your reputation in the global market.
  6. Transport Guide: A feature with all the useful information regarding local areas and a city transport guide can make a tourist confident to get around the unknown location comfortably. So, if you are hiring a travel app development company to develop your application, then ask them to pay extra attention to this segment.
  7. Translation Facility: It’s an impossible matter for tourists to know all the languages in this world. So, the integrated translation facility of your travel app can allow them to understand the unknown languages while they are traveling in a foreign language speaking country.
  8. Weather Forecast Report: This is the most essential matter for a traveler to chalk-out his or her tour-plan in an unknown place. So, if your app has the weather forecasting facility then it can be counted as the best for its users.
  9. Emergency Helpline Numbers (LOCAL): You just need to put all the emergency contact numbers like the police station, fire station, medical or hospital emergency, etc. of all different cities and countries in the guidance or blog section of your app to guide the users with proper assistance during their emergency.
  10. Push Notification: Push notification plays a vital role to keep your users hold onto your app for long-term with its pop-up updates of the latest news, sports, accidents, stories, coverage, discount offers, beautiful places to visit and more.
  11. Social Media Sharing: This has now become a necessity to share all your traveling stories, pictures and memory with attracting places and beautiful hotels on social media websites to let your friends know about your adventures. So, if you can integrate social media websites in our travel application to keep the users directly in social touch through your app, then it can be a better reason for them to choose your app over others.

Apart from the above features, a few other key points affect the overall cost to develop a travel application. Some useful points that will decide the development cost of your travel app are:

  • In-house development or outsourcing project to Travel Application Development company
  • The application platform (iOS or Android)
  • Introduced extended features in the Application
  • Estimated time to make the app ready to launch
  • Total working heads on the project
  • Additional features.

To sum up:

So, with these up-written points and key features, your travel app will cost an average of between $10,000 and $50,000 (depending on quality) to make a helpful travel application. There are plenty of app development companies you can find on the internet which is under your budget. You just need to get your job done with the best possible price and develop your app with all the essential criteria and features. Travel guide app has a great market in the travel industry now and it can be a boost for your travel business to make a healthy place in this highly competitive market.

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Costs to Develop a Travel App

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