Core Principles of SEO: What Business Owners Need to Know

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Core Principles of SEO: What Business Owners Need to Know

Search engine optimization is built around the idea of improving results achieved through organic search. Therefore, it’s useful for business owners to understand what SEO is, how it works, and what advantages it offers their company. While paid marketing can deliver faster results, it is costly compared to developing long-term, competitive benefits through SEO. Here are some core principles to appreciate with SEO.

Bad SEO is Vastly More Damaging

There are so-called SEO agencies that provide poor service to their clients. Doing many of the wrong things may achieve some initially promising results but ultimately provide little value. Worse still, if their techniques fall foul of current best practices or skate the line, the site could suffer a manual penalty from Google. At that point, search rankings and traffic are lost.

Therefore, care must be taken to work with a reliable agency. For instance, Soap Media Services have years of experience in delivering demonstrable results for their clients. They can point to the work they’ve done and the ranking results that should remain today. When you want to increase your website’s reach with search engine optimization, use an agency that achieves lasting results where their clients are satisfied. Please do your homework to be sure, since it can avoid a major headache afterward.

Quality Over Quantity

It might be incorrect, but SEO is sometimes seen simply as the acquisition of backlinks. These are links pointing from one website to another. When the linking site and its page are highly valued, their link has more “link juice” and should move the needle with better search rankings. Metrics such as Domain Authority (DA) from or similar ones from provide a way to confirm the site’s current standing. These metrics are based on the links they have pointing at them. Having fewer, higher DA links pointing at your site is better than having thousands of low-value ones. Quality is far more important than quantity here.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is designed to help search engines better understand the content on a page. This might be a product page featuring information on the latest product release. It could be the home page or a services page too. The site needs to be structurally sound. A logical flow from one section to the next should be provided. Also, menu navigation should be simple and not confusing.

Linking between pages with the anchor text relevant to the topic needs to be done as often as possible. By linking between pages, both visitors and search engines alike can better find their way around. When interlinking extensively, it increases the number of page views per visit and the time on site. This makes getting a sale likelier and is a positive signal to Google too.

When you hire well and rely on the core principles of SEO, business owners can steer their online strategy to calmer waters. Getting the basics right through a set of core principles should always be the first step.

Core Principles of SEO: What Business Owners Need to Know

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