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What kind of response do you anticipate your customers have with your business? You need to get them involved, right?  To attain this, you need to master the art of conversational copywriting. Working up the courage to take that mighty leap becomes easy breezy if you’re equipped with knowledge and talent.

Continue reading this post as it will talk about conversational copywriting and everything that you must know which aren’t true about this type of work.

What is Conversational Copywriting?

From the phrase itself, it’s a way of writing a sales copy that feels like a conversation. It’s like you are selling something to your friend enthusiastically. Professionals specializing in this field are called copywriters.  They make fresh written content for promotion, marketing, and descriptive texts.

Now, here are some thoughts found not to be true when you are making sales copy:

Myth #1: If you are a Writer You Can Always Be a Copywriter

You can make a sales copy if you’re a writer; however, without proper training, becoming one can be difficult. Achieving this job title is not that easy. In order to make a post that sells, you need to have a fairly decent ability to play with words and master the skills to sell through words that sound conversational with sense.

Myth #2: It Takes Literary Virtuoso to Be a Copywriter

You don’t have to be a “boy wonder” to become a copywriter. You can make a copy that yields even if you are a beginner. All you need are two things — an average writing talent and a good sense of humor. If you have a grasp of the technical workings of the English language and understanding, making a sales copy is something that you can do.

Myth #3: Copywriting is not an In-demand Job

Some say that it’s hard to find copywriting jobs. This is not 100% true. In fact, there are lots of opportunities for this field. Expand your research. If you check freelance boards and other job listings thoroughly, you’ll see that there’s plenty of work for copywriters out there.

Moreover, some small business owners are looking for people who can sell through words directly —a copy that people can easily understand. Another possibility why you’re having trouble with getting the job is possible, because of your portfolio. You need to have the skills, and your portfolio must be impressive in order to win the job.

Myth #4: Your Website is a Guarantee that You’ll Have a Job

Nothing that is valuable comes easy. You need to work hard in selling yourself. Don’t assume that just because you have a website, everybody in the world can see your portfolio right away, and ask for your service. You’re not the only person who has a website. Do you know that there are 1,518,207,412 websites as of January 2019? This is according to Mill for Business.

So, how will the clients find you if there are thousands or more of competitors out there? Maybe, when a prospective client types “copywriter near me” on Google search and when he presses enter, you’re website shows on the first page.  But, that would be impossible to happen, unless you have an advocate who can do some uncanny SEO techniques to rank your website on major search engine results pages.

Think of it this way. Whatever field you are into, it’s not going to be easy to find work. When you have exerted all your efforts and resources, but, still, you’re not getting the job, maybe it’s about time to shift your career.

Myth #5: Your Choice of Words Would Fit in All Instances

As a writer, you can put ideas into your own words and paragraphs. But, in copywriting, using a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to the choice of words would not help your written masterpiece to make a sale.

Creativity is an essential aspect of being a remarkable writer. Some writers do this. They come up with a set of unique words to make their copies different from the rest. Yes, the words are different, and the sales copy doesn’t look like it was copied from somebody else’s. But, you need to ensure that your copy shouldn’t be a painful piece to read.

Take a look at this sales copy:

“Homeowners out there, this paint roller works best for ceilings and drywall. And, behold, you can conveniently turn your space into a wonderland with a wide spectrum of shades to choose from using this magical tool. Visit any of our shops if you are prone to acquiring this splendid paint roller.”

What have you noticed with the example above?  Some words shouldn’t be in that copy. The choices of words are inappropriate. It’s like the writer is talking to a child and relating a fairytale story. This type of sales copy most probably won’t make a sale.

Don’t make your sales copy a guessing game because the audience doesn’t have the patience to guess.  Your piece should be credible. It must be something that is compelling to read.

Myth # 6: The Longer Your Sales Copy the Better

Most probably, you have done a lot of research to find out something. You have read a lot of books, magazines, newspapers, etc., and seen numerous websites to get answers to your queries. Say, for example, you come across an article composed of 10 pages. Will you read it?

The audience will stay on something if they see that they can get something useful from it. Going back to the article with 10 pages, you will be interested in reading it if you see that the title tells something that you need. You’ll continue reading the 1st paragraph, hoping to get the answers. When you realize that it’s leading to something else, you’d rather close the page and browse another site.

In copywriting, the number of words is crucial. The sales copy must contain keyword density that doesn’t exceed the recommended maximum percentage and the right choices of words to catch the attention of the reader.

People these days are typically so busy. They want to accomplish and get what they want as soon as possible. So, if you want your sales copy to become engaging, make it short as possible. But, it must be packed full of useful and meaningful content.

Final Thoughts

If you want to see success as a professional copywriter, your work has to be good. Have strong skills in place and have a set of creative routines. You need to have convincing power to attract people like the company — Understanding eCommerce. More and more clients around the globe are looking for their service because they can convert visitors into customers. Interested in finding more great review pieces? Check out our review on 30 Best Turntables of 2019 – Complete Record Player Buying Guide.

Copy Writing Myths Busted

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