Conversations in Digital Media Marketing: Content, Social Media, and SEO

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Conversations in Digital Media Marketing: Content, Social Media, and SEO

More than 1 billion people search on Google each day. This statistic does not include all the other popular search engines used regularly. So how can you transfer this traffic to conversions for your website?

One way is to utilize the principles of content, social media, and SEO. Read on as we discuss how to use digital media to enhance your business.


Content is what attracts people to your website. When it arrives, you can attempt to turn this into a conversion. The more traffic your content brings, the more likely you are to make more sales or leads.

This can take many forms. For example, some companies produce videos, images, record podcasts, or write ebooks. However, successful digital media marketing begins and ends with the blog.

A blog post is a piece of writing that aims to help people solve a problem or answers a question. Placed on your website, it attracts people when they ask search engines questions and types in certain terms. These are known as keywords.

By including keywords in your blog, you are more likely to appear in front of those who need your service. Finding the right keywords to include in your content is an SEO marketing artform in itself.

Social Media

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse for businesses. On the one hand, it can promote your services and content to a brand new audience. But, on the other hand, it can be hard to use effectively and may seem like you are getting nowhere.

The key with social media marketing is to start small and take your time. Pick one of two platforms and learn how to use them to the fullest. This includes creating optimized pages, groups and knowing how their advertising platforms work.

Your content should also fit the social media platform you are using. For example, blogs will be useless on Instagram as you can not share them. Speak with experts such as for help and advice.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the overall principle that guides marketing with digital media. It includes optimizing your website and its operations, making you more likely to appear on search engines. In addition, it includes your content creations, how you use keywords, social media, and many other factors.

Even if you have content and keywords, it does not mean you will appear on the top page of searches. The quality of your website, how many links, and other factors all impact your SEO marketing and its results. When you improve these and create content-rich keywords, you will get more traffic back to the site itself.

Digital Media

As you can see, digital media, content, and SEO all connect. One will have an impact on the other, so you need to plan them as one entity. If this seems daunting, then hire someone to help.

If this article helped you understand the process, we have many more to assist. So, with everything from finance to marketing, let us help your business flourish in the digital economy with the rest of our blog posts.

Conversations in Digital Media Marketing: Content, Social Media, and SEO

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