Conversational Commerce is Forever Changing the Way We Shop

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Conversational commerce is a revolutionary idea that has completely transformed the e-commerce space. Companies, irrespective of their scale and sector, are always trying to gain in-depth insights into customer preferences. Who is your ideal customer? What do they want? How would your brand fulfill these demands? Data is an invaluable asset that gives you all the right answers.

Chatbots and AI rule the customer support space. With conversational commerce, brands can play up their game and carve a special place in the market. Read on to know all about this phenomenon and how to optimize it fully;

What is “Conversational Commerce”?

Conversational commerce, in simple terms, is using AI to interact with your customers. It makes your brand more palatable and personalized for a first-timer. A team member from Uber, Chris Messina, first coined the term “conversational commerce.” It comprises an intricate system of messaging apps to connect buyers and sellers on the internet.

Mobile apps come with chatbots and other perks that make customers support a fun interactive process. For, instead of hiring a team of experts, why not let machines do the job, right? The responses, though pre-set, are realistic, intuitive, and friendly. An average web browser would not be able to differentiate between these bots and an actual tech-support employee!

Better Communication with Customers

With conversational commerce, brands can improve their reach and global appeal. Brands like Sephora and H&M have already implemented this system in their stores. Clients can reach out to these companies via Kik and other messaging platforms. All you must do is update the bot in your chat list like any regular contact. Taco Bell follows a similar model on Slack. Starbucks has an exclusive Starbucks app for its customers. Other brands opt for social media networks to spread the word about their business.

Conversational bots save you a lot of time and trouble. Brands can get back to their customers a lot quicker. Instant messaging, live chat support, and voice recognition feature only up the ante. The sooner you respond, the better your chances of converting leads to successful sales.

Better Communication with Customers

Niche and Tailor-made Solutions 

Gone are the days when companies would leave you hanging on the phone for hours. You can now resolve any issue within minutes. Telephone and SMS support are no longer relevant for the modern-day customer who wants immediate results. The average customer doesn’t want to wait for a response. They do not have the patience to deal with obsolete and irrelevant responses. What customers need are tailor-made solutions.

With conversational commerce, customers get a reliable personal assistant. From picking the right product to tracking your order in transit- the bot helps you in every step. Your clients enjoy a personalized shopping experience.

Safer Monetary Transactions 

Conversational bots also make online transactions and payments a lot easier and safer. Customers can pay for their orders in several ways. Most web stores accept debit and credit cards, payment apps like PayPal and COD as standard gateways. These payment options are credible and come encrypted. This protects confidential customer details from online threats like data hacking and virus attacks.

Bank transactions are at the heart of every e-commerce venture. However, for the first-time user, navigating through these payment options can get a little complicated. The chatbots help you find your way around the website. These conversational bots appear on the browser end when a user visits your site. It answers all customer queries regarding payments. Some brands even include Snapcash and WhatsApp Payment feature to simplify things further.

Safer Monetary Transactions

Get your assistant 

AI technology and NPLs have made life easier for developers. Everyone is familiar with regular chatbots with their monotonous responses. Conversational chatbots take it a notch higher. With these advanced chatting platforms, brands get to interact with customers more realistically. These bots guide the customer every step of the way- from order placement, processing, payment, and eventual shipping.

AI bots also account for a far more engaging and exciting experience. Customers no longer must suffer through tedious and repetitive messages. The era of pre-recorded messages playing on the loop is long past. Now we have intelligent bots that play pre-recorded messages but with an inherent intuition and sensitivity. The bots are more human-like in their responses. The average customer cannot tell the difference between a bot and human tech support.

Ideal for content sharing 

Chatbots also make it easier for brands to share content with other collaborators. Companies can also give out information on seasonal discounts, sales, and other offers to customers. Customers, in turn, can subscribe via the newsletters for more custom-made updates. Armed with an AI framework, the bots gather data about the customer’s tastes. Marketing students and developers use this information for their research strategies to expand the business model.

Content forms the crux of any advertising campaign. Brands can no longer get away with generic posts. Customers want content that caters to their demand. With conversational commerce, you can find your niche.

The bottom line

There was a time when people waited for hours at the supermarket aisles for their shopping needs. Today, you get everything delivered to your doorstep in a few simple clicks. Online shopping platforms are a win-win for the buyer and the seller. However, e-commerce trends are changing rapidly. In the current market scenario, merely having a web store would get you nowhere. Companies aim for customized tailor-made products and services. Brands also need insights into customer preferences, demand metrics, and sales figures. This is where Conversational commerce comes in to save the day.

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Conversational Commerce is Forever Changing the Way We Shop

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