Content Promotion Hacks to Skyrocket Your Sales

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Digital marketing experts give you plenty of reasons why it is essential to keep your website up-to-date with fresh content. One (and the most important) of them is that it will help you attract more traffic and eventually leads to more sales. We wish it would be as simple as it sounds!

The truth is that the digital world is a lot more complex than it may appear to many of us, at least in the beginning. It is common for businesses to struggle in generating (more) traffic and sales despite keeping their website content fresh and up-to-date. It often happens because businesses either do not promote their content or do a bad job at it.

Whether you’re going through such a phase or want to avoid hitting a sales plateau, here are some tried and tested content promotion tips and hacks to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy:

1.     Engage Your Audience

If you’ve been involved in digital marketing for any length of time, you would be aware of the concept of converting your audience/customers into your promotors. The idea is pretty simple. All you have to do is provide your audience with something they want to tell other people about. It could be an amazing product or service, a great user experience, or, as in this case, valuable content. However, your job is not done with just writing and publishing good content. You also have to make them engage with your content and share it with others.

Not sure what would make an engaging topic for your audience? Freelance ghostwriters can help! Find a good freelance ghostwriter with experience in your niche to do the work on your behalf. Since freelancers are actively engaged in industries and work with multiple businesses and professionals at the same time, they know the trends and almost always have quite a few interesting ideas too!

However, if you’re determined to do it yourself, know that multiple factors come into play here. First, and the most obvious is that your content has to offer something useful or interesting. Second, you should share the content on multiple platforms so that it reaches the widest possible audience. Last, it would be best to make it as easier for your audience to share your content as possible. There are two simple ways to do it – share the content on social media platforms and give social share options on your blog. Here’s an example for the latter:

Providing social share options (preferably on the sidebar) on your blog will allow your audience to share the content they like with just one click.

2.     Involve Industry Experts/ Influencers

As a smart business person, you have to take advantage of the experts and influencers’ wide reach in your industry. There are as many ways to do this as you can think of; your imagination only limits you.

You can ask them to share your content, reach out to the experts and ask them to share their knowledge or opinion about the topic you’re working on, ask influencers for their insight into the industry trends or the best practices. Following is an example of how Elle Magazine recently uses this hack, not that they have limited reach. While they already have a massive following, the example will give you an idea of how this tip can be put into action.

Elle Magazine (US) worked with Ann Patchett – a renowned American author and 2020 Pulitzer Prize finalist in the fiction book category. The magazine people reached out to her to participate in their literary survey. Take a look at how they promoted it on their official Twitter account:

Even though Elle is a big name on its own, they regularly bring experts, celebrities, and influencers on board. If they do it, there’s certainly something it offers!

3.     Create a Short Supporting Video

The importance of video in digital marketing has long been established. If you’re in the digital market, you would know that videos have much higher engagement rates than other forms of content. If you are not using it to your advantage, you’re missing out big time.

Out of the various ways businesses can use videos, one must create a short video to promote their other forms of content. Have you got an awesome eBook written by a freelance ghostwriter? Spread the word by creating a small supporting video!

Make sure to keep the video short and engaging and share it on all the social media platforms your target audience is most active on.

Please take a look at how the publisher promoted benedict Carey’s book How We Learn. It’s an old example (his book was published back in 2014), but it is a good example of using video to market written content.

The video has over 5.2 million views. Even if a small percentage of the viewers had decided to buy the book after watching the video, which offered several scientific insights from Carey’s book, they must have generated a good sales amount.

4.     Use Discussion Platforms

Discussion websites, like Reddit, and question-and-answer platforms, like Quora, are also great platforms to promote your content. Get active on these platforms, and participate in discussions, answer questions related to your niche. While doing that, subtly promote your content.

Make sure not to follow the in-your-face marketing approach when promoting content on such platforms. As we all know, people don’t like it. So, play smart!

In the following example, this person has done a good job at promoting his own guide:

You can also join relevant Facebook groups (there must be some) and actively participate in various discussions.

5.     Do Not Ignore the Good Ol’ Marketing Tactic

While all these advanced promotion tactics provide great results (if used the right way), you shouldn’t ignore the good ol’ digital marketing tactic that has been there since the very beginning. Yes, we’re talking about paid advertisements.

Advertise your content on the platforms your target audience is most active on. When advertising on social media, try to target as specific a group of the audience as possible.

Avoid and Break Through Sales Plateau with These Content Promotion Hacks

Whether your sales have hit rock bottom or you want to boost them even further, these content promotion tips and tricks will be useful. However, along with using these content promotion hacks, make sure that your actual content is also engaging and offers good value to the audience. Otherwise, there will be no point in investing time, energy, and money in marketing it. Marketing is essential, but it cannot take over the quality of content. If you struggle to create good, relevant content or have run out of ideas, you can always hire a freelance ghostwriter.

Content Promotion Hacks to Skyrocket Your Sales

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