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Content Marketing: Techniques in Creating Catchy Headlines

“The purpose of the headlines must be to convey a message to the people who read headlines, then decide whether or not they will look at the copy.” -John Caples

An effective content marketing campaign starts with a great headline.

After all, it is precisely your headline that would beckon your audience to take a deeper look at what you have written and what you have to say. In fact, all of your efforts in creating compelling and riveting pieces would be all for naught if your headline is not interesting enough for viewers. Remember, your online posts would make up only a fraction of the content online so your content marketing endeavor should start with the creation of a unique headline enough to entice viewers to peruse your posts further. Subpar and generic headlines would render your content forgettable and consequently, it would easily overlook and ignored by anyone who happens to come upon it. So, be creative with your titles.

Write them in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression on your audience insomuch that it would not only pique their interest but compel them to read the post in full. Unfortunately, so many skilled content writers are so adept at making the meat of their content but would fall short in writing a unique headline. This kind of predicament must be immediately addressed as a content writer’s ineptness in writing catchy titles would significantly contribute to the success or failure of a certain campaign. In any case, as an employed writer in a  Digital Agency in Cebu or elsewhere, writing catchy headlines should be one of your foremost considerations. Here are some of the tips to do just that:

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1.) Use simple but powerful language

The words and language you use play a significant role in conveying the message of your content to your readers. Similarly, it would leverage the click-worthiness of your article. Choose words that would evoke the most response from readers and stray away from uninspiring, bland and most of all, unknown words. A prolix headline that is a mouthful would turn potential readers off and in turn, would result in fewer clicks. Utilize simply but powerful language–something that contains call-to-action words. Alternatively, you can directly address the reader to catch their attention.

2.) Make a bold statement

Inject a bit of a shock factor to your headline–the higher shock value it has, the more clicks you will likely get. Write your initial title and think of a way to make it better and stir things up a little. As a writer, you should think outside the box and look for a way to word your title in such a way that would immediately reel a reader in. Bold, opinionated or even controversial statements would guarantee that you get more clicks.

3.) Target keywords with high search volume

Look for topics that interest people and if relevant, find a way to work it into your headline. There is absolutely no point in creating content when people are not even the slightest bit interested in the topic you are talking about. In this regard, your headlines should contain certain keywords with high search volumes. Doing so would not only guarantee that your headline would be optimized to drive traffic, it ensures that your potential audience would be looking for information pertaining to your topic as well. Target keywords that people are actually looking for. Remember, keywords that are of no use to people would similarly be of no use to you as well.

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4.) Include numbers in your headline

While this technique might be glaringly obvious, some writers tend to overlook it. Headlines that contain numbers have proven to be effective in driving traffic. Why? Online readers have a natural affinity for posts that contain numbers and lists because it is far easier for the brain to process than simply just writing a block of words. Furthermore, articles that contain lists (aptly named as listicles) are easier to skim and digest. So, if you want a headline tip that would always unfailingly deliver, be sure to include numbers in your headline.

5.) Ask a question

One interesting and quirky way to create your headline is to ask a question. Not only would this immediately grab your audience’s attention, but it piques their curiosity as well–especially if you ask your audience strange and funny ones. Of course, they would wish to know the answer to your rather peculiar question and the only way to do so is to click on your headline and visit your website. If executed right, this can guarantee a high volume of visitors. Be wary though, and know the difference between a great headline and a clickbait one. No one likes the latter.

Content Marketing: Techniques in Creating Catchy Headlines

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