Content Calendar Fosters Social Media Engagement

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Creating an Outstanding Content Calendar Fosters Social Media Engagement of Your eCommerce Brand

It is not a secret that social media networks are one of the most effective advertising tools. Thanks to the benefits they bring, many eCommerce businesses use them to improve their brand awareness. However, reaching a high level of engagement requires in-depth analysis, good organization, and creativity. That is why content calendars can be an outstanding tool for improving social media engagement.

There are a couple of reasons why social media content calendars are a useful tool. First of all, entrepreneurs will manage to measure the effectiveness of their social media marketing strategies. On the other hand, it helps people craft custom messages for different social media platforms. They can reach and keep the necessary engagement on all social media and improve their brand awareness.

Creating an outstanding content calendar may seem challenging at first glance. However, going through a couple of easy steps, people will manage to design them properly. Let’s find out those steps together!

Choose the Content Calendar Template

Different templates can help entrepreneurs design their content calendar properly. They will need to find a platform with a simple structure where they can add all the essential pieces of information. A helpful tool, in this case, can be Google Sheets.

Google Sheets are free and simple. The only thing entrepreneurs need to do is to create a Google Account. As you see from the example above, a template doesn’t have to be complex. People only have to add all the social media they are using and the days of the week. However, if the simple version does not meet their requirements, they can potentially use the template like this.

Develop a Plan for Your Social Media Posts

After eCommerce owners establish the place where they will write down their plans, the next thing is to – make a plan. There is no such thing as perfect social media content. It depends a lot on the characteristics of the target audience and the industry companies. That is the reason why entrepreneurs have to do their research.

Direct competitors do not necessarily have to be the biggest opponents. They can serve as an inspiration for social media content. It would be good to highlight at least five competitors and check their social media marketing strategies. After that, eCommerce owners should try to figure out what type of content would be valuable for their audience. For instance, if an eCommerce store sells beauty products, the content that explains the products’ features can be the right one. On the other hand, sharing tips on how to use those products can be valuable as well.

New followers and likes are not the reason why the content needs to be valuable. People are expecting to receive some valuable information that will improve their lives in some way. These types of content will ensure that they learn something new. Logically, that will positively influence the engagement on social media as well.

Generating and Writing the Content for Your Social Media

Here comes probably the most challenging part of the process. Generating content for social media posts is not the same as writing business e-mails, blog posts, etc. There are two options all the entrepreneurs can choose between. One option they have is to create content for their brand on their own. On the other hand, they can also source content for some other social media channels. If they decide on writing content alone, they may stay out of ideas. On the other hand, not every entrepreneur contains good quality writing skills. That is the moment when different online services become essential. There are three of them that all entrepreneurs should use

  • Feedly – It is a news aggregation tool that helps people gather all the podcasts, blogs, news publications, and other useful content types that can serve as an inspiration.
  • Quuu – Quuu is an alternative to Feedly. It helps people find high-quality content in different niches. The good news for entrepreneurs is that Quuu is a freemium type of tool.
  • GetGoodGrade – An online writing service that provides writing assistance to people who want to improve their content quality. The experts can proofread their content for six hours if the entrepreneur needs it urgently.

Thanks to all these tools, entrepreneurs will manage to remain creative and innovative in every moment.

Scheduling and Posting Social Media Content

Thanks to the previous three steps, entrepreneurs will manage to boost their content on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media. However, there is one additional piece of advice they should apply to their social media marketing campaigns.

Posting the content manually can potentially spend a lot of their time. That especially counts if they plan to share content on the most popular social media networks actively. Thus, they should use some tools that will allow them to pre-schedule all the posts they have. Despite that, they will also manage to track the results of the posts they published. In other words, they will discover all the disadvantages their social media content calendar has. Reorganizing the posts will be necessary in that case.

Customize the Posts When Necessary

Scheduling the posts for the next month or two is an excellent way to boost social media engagement. However, that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should not customize it in the meantime.

For instance, business owners need to react when something interesting happened in the world that directly influences their industry. Let’s imagine that a company is selling sports equipment. In the meantime, a soccer team won the Champions League. Dedicating at least one post to that event will eventually bring you many shares, likes, and comments. Talking about viral topics on social media will boost engagement for a short period. That is why eCommerce entrepreneurs need to remain active even when the content calendar brings them good results.

Final Thought

Reaching a high level of engagement on social media is not as challenging as it seems. With a good content strategy and different writing and scheduling services, things become a lot easier. Entrepreneurs only need to measure and track the results they achieve. If the results are not satisfying, changing the strategy is the only option.

Content Calendar Fosters Social Media Engagement