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Consumers Preferences for Holiday Shopping

New survey data shows American consumers preferences for holiday shopping

The holidays are quickly approaching with Christmas only 10 days away. Have you even started your holiday shopping?  New survey data from Shorr Packaging shows that almost 45% of American consumers leave holiday shopping to the last week or days before the holidays.  So if you haven’t started shopping yet, you are not alone.  They recently surveyed 2,000-holiday shoppers to better understand American holiday shopping habits.

Online shopping is growing each holiday season. The survey data found that 70% of shoppers tend to prefer online shopping over traditional brick and mortar stores during the holidays. On top of that, they found that 68%of shoppers do a majority of their holiday shopping online.  Why is this?  Shorr asked about the top reasons that holiday shoppers prefer online shopping over brick and mortar shopping.  T

The top reasons are listed below:

  • 72% of shoppers cited crowds and lines as the number one thing they hate about holiday shopping in stores.
  • 8% said limited inventory made it more likely for them to shop online.
  • 5% were concerned about higher prices and limited discounts.
  • 5% didn’t want to deal with the traffic.
  • 4% were concerned about bad in-store customer service.
  • 2% cited parking.

On the flip side, they also looked at the top reasons why holiday shoppers avoid shopping online during the holidays.  Those top reasons are also listed below:

  • 29% want to touch the products in person before they buy them.
  • 17% don’t like paying for shipping.
  • 15% enjoy the in-store holiday shopping displays.
  • 13% just want to get out of the house.
  • 9% don’t trust the online stores to ship on time.
  • 8% don’t trust online pictures, descriptions, or reviews.
  • 5% think it’s actually cheaper to do holiday shopping offline.
  • 3% say they are a more disciplined shopper online.
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To see the full analysis, check out the graphics and study from Shorr Packaging below.

Consumers Preferences for Holiday Shopping

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