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Consider Selling With Amazon Now

It is valued at $247.6 Billion, Amazon ships a whopping 35 products every second. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 as an online bookstore, Amazon now sells almost everything online. It surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in 2015 and is not the largest internet company by revenue worldwide. Did you know that Bezos drafted the business plan for Amazon on his flight from New York to Seattle?

Willing to deliver everything to everyone, anywhere globally, Amazon has become the one-stop store for all your household; the ‘A to Z hidden in their logo says it all in a very subtle way. So if you are a manufacturer and already sell online through your website but struggling to get enough traffic despite spending huge sums on digital marketing, it is high time you consider selling your products on Amazon.

Register yourself as a professional seller to get your product exposure from more than one category, and you would also get to register your brand. If you have a few products of the right size to fit into the Amazon Buy Box, consider quoting the lowest possible price, including the shipping costs, to get a spot in it as 78% of their sales to come from the buy box, as claimed by Amazon. If you are short-staffed or are struggling to keep up with delivering your products, consider signing up for the FBA program in which Amazon takes over this task off your shoulders. This would allow you to concentrate on your core responsibilities and send your product to Amazon when a sale is made; Amazon’s fulfillment takes care of the rest. It can also help you get better feedback from customers for delivering products on time.

Check out this infographic from Dpack entails benefits, tips on selling your products on Amazon.

Why You Should Be Selling on Amazon

Consider Selling With Amazon Now 

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