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Competitive Marketing Communication Strategy Tips

In our technological world, methods of communication change at a rapid speed. It started with email and then advanced to message boards, instant messaging, Friendster and now Instagram, Facebook, Netflix and other new communication methods.

Some new ways and technologies have helped people to interact. This also applies methods and tools used for marketing. There are so many marketing communication options, and this makes it tough for businesses to choose the right one. Here are four tips you can use to make your marketing communication strategy competitive as discussed below:

Tip#1: Determine Your Target Audience

When marketing products or services, it is essential that you first determine your potential customers. It will be wrong for you to invest in a great marketing campaign and yet fail to attract specific customer groups or have a narrow focus leading you to miss on potential sales.

Instead, you need to identify the potential customers that you want to market your services or products to and try to develop something that will work for them. What do you need to know about your target audience?

Pain Points

To determine your real demographics, identify what product or service your business is offering. Simply put, what is your Unique Selling Proposition? Many companies provide specific solutions to pain points that their customers feel.

For Instance, if you operate a lawn maintenance company, then your potential clients may be homeowners who cannot take care of their yard due to their busy work schedules. Your marketing slogan should indicate that your services will give them more freedom of going about their daily business without worrying about their lawn.

While determining the pain points that your business will solve, it is essential to consider the demographic region that will need such services most.

Customers who are Already Buying Your Products or Services

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Another method of determining your target customers is to analyze those who are already buying your services or products. You should investigate what these customers have in common in terms of location, age group, gender and shared interests. Analyzing some of these factors will give you a good perception of your market and how you can reach your prospective client.

Who is Your Competitor Targeting?

This is another good way of identifying your target audience by seeing the type of clients that your competitor is targeting. For Instance, Rolex watch manufacturers focus on wealthy customers who are searching for luxury watches. But Timex is now targeting ordinary watch buyers.

Tip#2: Find out Where Your Target Customers Spend Most of their Time

You need to determine the kind of advertising platform that will attract the attention of your target audience most. Does your target audience spend most of their time on Facebook, Instagram, watching television or on Snapchat? Here are some factors that will assist you to know where your audience spends most of their time as discussed below:

Generational Advertising

Generational advertising is a crucial factor when developing a marketing plan because different generations will spend most of their time doing different things. One generational group is likely to respond well to TV ads while another one will only respond to social media ads. Generation Z and the millennial are likely to respond well to social media platforms than the baby boomers and generation X customers. Generation X is the biggest spenders and is likely to respond well to TV ads than millennials and generation Z.

Tip#3: Craft Your Message Using a Language that Your Audience Understands

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You should always craft a marketing message that will resonate with your target audience. Your message should address the daily challenges that your audience face and how your services can help to alleviate those problems.

Tip#4: Employ Marketing Communication Tools

When you want to develop and deploy a marketing strategy, some useful tools will make your work run efficiently and smoothly. Below is a list of some useful tool that you can use

Website Analytic Tools

Analytic tools are essential to any marketing campaign. Google Analytics, in particular, will assist you to know the performance status of your website. It will give you information about mobile traffic, conversion rates, page values, and demographics.

Social Media Schedulers

Social media is a crucial resource in marketing, but managing social network accounts can be tiresome. That is when you need schedules to assist in managing your social media accounts. They will help you to post your marketing message when your

audience is likely to see and respond to it.

If you need more tips on marketing communication, kindly visit this website: mastersincommunications.org for more information.

Competitive Marketing Communication Strategy Tips

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