Company Text Messaging for Businesses: Five Reasons You Need It
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Company Text Messaging for Businesses


Company Text Messaging for Businesses: Five Reasons You Need It

Society and technology are continuing to collide in more and more ways, from the birth of the internet at the turn of the century to the first manual attempt at data organization and, of course, the introduction of smart technology. Not to mention social media and the behemoth industry’s role in our everyday life. Yet, at the same time, although text messaging might not seem like anything new and shiny technology-wise (because it isn’t), it is still an essential part of conducting business and marketing in 2022. Texting is one of the more simple technological feats of the generation, yet the role of mass texting and SMS markeplayplays in businesses is crucial.

Understanding the various ways modern organizations are using SMS technologies can help you fold these same strategies into your brand’s operations. No matter the size, shape, or field of your business. 

What Is SMS Marketing?

To get started with SMS marketing, a company must first engage with a mass texting service. A mass texting service is a company that facilitates many logistics involved with mass texting—for instance, partnering with a service provider and obtaining a short-code, long-code, or other company ID. These are vital steps in launching any bulk SMS campaign, but they can feel complicated to the average business owner. Relying on your mass texting service to handle that operation side takes loads of work off your shoulders.  

Mass texting services also often provide brands with the ability to track metrics on campaigns, collect consumer data, and in certain instances, even enable 2-way communications. 

The right mass texting service provider for your company will depend a little bit on the volume of texts you intend to send and how many additional features you’re hoping to utilize. For instance, some mass texting services can offer a plan that allows for 240,000 monthly messages up to 300 words each. However, many more basic plans allow for 1,000 monthly messages at a much more reasonable cost. 

Knowing your situation will help guide you to the right mass texting service provider. 

Connecting With Consumers

One of the biggest reasons companies continue to employ SMS and mass texting campaigns is because it allows them to connect with a wide variety of consumers. Smartphones are almost universal because of their widespread worldwide ownership. As a result, companies and brands utilizing SMS marketing techniques and tactics directly access many target audiences internationally. Not only that, but texting has evolved into a relatively personal and intimate form of communication. This means that consumers who are opening and reading the texts from your company are truly engaging and giving you their attention. 

Making Big Announcements

With the massive percentage of smartphone owners across the globe, business texting is the perfect avenue for major announcements—especially announcements revolving around the launch of a new product or service. 

While certain announcements make sense to deploy through mass texting, more serious announcements would likely be better received through more traditional news outlets. This is because while texting can feel personal and intimate, it is also regarded as informal communication.  

Cultivating Brand Loyalty With Mobile-Only Offers

Engaging consumers and boosting sales is what business texting is truly all about. One popular campaign that many modern marketing professionals design involves mobile-only offers. These exclusive deals can only be accessed by consumers who have opted-in to receive text messages from your company or brand. 

These exclusive deal campaigns make consumers feel like they’re part of an in-group, give them a sense of exclusivity, and encourage continual sales action. 

Getting Feedback

Last but not least, if you haven’t been convinced yet, perhaps the garnering of consumer feedback will pique your interest. Generating honest consumer feedback is something that many organizations struggle to do. Mass texting consumer surveys and polls have proven an effective way for organizations to cultivate the same consumer feedback they’ve been looking for.

Using SMS polls and surveys can lead to powerful insights that can improve future performance. 

Wrapping up on the Importance and Value of Business Texting

There are many different ways for organizations to connect with, engage, attract, and retain modern consumers. From delving into SEO and developing a comprehensive social media strategy to using business texting, finding the right communication strategies for your business will lead to increased sales, customer loyalty, and consumer engagement. Getting started with business texting today will pave your path forward into tomorrow. 

Company Text Messaging for Businesses: Five Reasons You Need It

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