Combine SEO with Web Design for eCommerce Success

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As an entrepreneur or businessperson, you will naturally have a good idea of how much income your products and services generate. However, it is not easy to quantify the benefits of SEO and web design for your e-commerce website. Nevertheless, when these two features are combined, you can significantly increase your site’s traffic and sales.

Although the advantages are intangible, this article will outline why combining web design with SEO will benefit your business.

1.   Encourages brand loyalty

An online store with a web design powered by SEO often achieves a high ranking on the search engine results pages. By adopting this approach, you will be able to attract more leads and customers. However, it is important to remember that grabbing people’s attention is one thing; obtaining their loyalty is quite another.

Website responsiveness and speed

One of the most significant features that will encourage customers to return to your online store is its responsiveness. In both web design and SEO, loading time is a crucial factor. Even a two-second delay can mean that more than 10% of people who click on your link will go elsewhere. If your site takes four seconds to load, you will lose a quarter of your potential sales.

The longer the loading time, the greater the loss of potential sales. This is true for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

2.   Attracts the right people

Generating a large amount of traffic will not suffice; you need to ensure that these visitors purchase your products. This is why you should do all you can to persuade them to part with their cash. There are many ways of doing this, such as:

  • Web design features
  • Widgets
  • Style elements
  • Imagery
  • Text

In general, the first thing people notice is your URL. This article explains how a concise and descriptive URL can generate enough interest for readers to click on your link.

Creating or modifying your website to conform to these requirements may require SEO and web design experts’ assistance.

3.   Optimises for conversion

The primary reason why you invest in web design and SEO is to increase your conversion rate. For this reason, incorporating a few micro-conversion features on your website would be extremely beneficial. These are small actions that people can perform on your online store, such as:

  • Clicking a button, link, or lightbox
  • Signing up for a blog or newsletter
  • Doing a quiz

If they do one of these activities, they will:

  • Learn more about your products
  • Be more connected to your brand
  • Feel obliged to finish what they started
  • Bookmark your site for a return visit

You have to understand that not all your visitors will purchase their first visit. It may take several visits before they become paying customers. However, these micro-conversions are the first step in convincing them to buy.

Meanwhile, search engines like to monitor these little activities. When people stay on your site for a reasonable amount of time, Google will recognize that you provide an excellent customer experience. This can also help your website attain a top ranking in the search results.

4.   Obtains excellent reviews

An online store powered by an engaging design and SEO will usually make a positive impression on your visitors. This will, in turn, result in more positive customer reviews. Such reviews may not directly affect your search ranking, but people will write and send feedback to third-party sites. It is these reviews that will appear on Google and then boost your online traffic.

5.   Tunes into your target market’s behavior

In the current climate, e-commerce sites should focus on optimizing their mobile devices’ design because more than 50% of online traffic comes from smartphones or tablets. In fact, most of your potential customers will consider their smartphones to be their primary or only digital device.

Moreover, once a mobile user has clicked on a local business website, there is a 50% likelihood that they will then visit the physical store. One of your web design and SEO priorities is to include directions to your shop’s location.

6.   Stretches the marketing budget

A rewarding return on investment often involves achieving better results using fewer resources. You can, of course, attract traffic by using paid ads. However, this is a costly option for many online businesses.

Although improving your site with SEO designs can also use up resources, you will attract more organic traffic. First, you can use both methods, but as your organic traffic improves, you may be able to reduce the number of paid ads.


Even if you have an existing online store, you can still improve it by using SEO web designs. This approach will help increase your website’s ranking and exposure on the search engines. Furthermore, such a strategy is beneficial because it usually focuses on attracting visitors and encouraging brand loyalty. To make this possible, you will need to implement designs that will appeal to your target market. Also, make sure your online shop is accessible on all devices, particularly smartphones.

Combine SEO with Web Design for eCommerce Success

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