Coffee consumption improves performance at work

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Roasty Coffee recently surveyed over 1,500 Americans across the US on their relationship with coffee pre-and during the pandemic to learn more about how coffee consumption habits have shifted and how coffee consumption helps with a performance at work.

American coffee preferences

The survey found that 71% of Americans report that they consume coffee daily. 57% of those who drink coffee daily believe they are addicted to the caffeine in coffee. When it comes to preferred home-brewing methods, most Americans (52%) prefer using a coffee maker at home. Americans are also very brand loyal when it comes to coffee consumption. 52% of surveyed respondents report being loyal to their current brand of coffee and are largely uninterested in trying a new brand of coffee.

American coffee habits

On average, the typical American coffee drinker consumes over 3 cups of coffee each day. Americans largely prefer a medium roast coffee, followed by a dark roast and a light roast. Only 9% of Americans report having no preference in the type of coffee roast they consume. The most popular way that Americans take their coffee is with cream and sugar (26%), followed by black (25%), followed by cream (24%), and lastly with sugar/sweetener (17%).

Advantages of drinking coffee

The survey from Roasty Coffee found that Americans report many advantages from consuming coffee regularly. The top 5 things coffee improves include improved energy, improved mood, improved productivity at work, reduced migraines, and having a reduced appetite. Despite the benefits of coffee, a percentage of Americans have tried to quit coffee with varying results. 49% of coffee drinkers said they had taken a break from drinking coffee and have succeeded. 40% of coffee drinkers said they have taken a break from coffee and later resumed drinking coffee. Only 14% have never tried to take a break from drinking coffee.

Additional benefits from coffee consumption

Beyond what was mentioned in the paragraph above, many Americans (61%) believe that drinking coffee on a regular makes them better people. 78% of coffee drinkers believe coffee helps them to get through life. 82% said they actually perform better at work after consuming coffee.

Coffee spending during COVID-19

The survey from Roasty Coffee found that over 61% of Americans reported that their in-home coffee consumption has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans, on average, are spending $11 on coffee consumption. One area that has seen increased spending is eCommerce coffee purchases. 54% of American consumers report that their coffee purchases have increased by over 54% over the past year.

Top coffee purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic include coffee machines, new coffee mugs, coffee grinders, milk frothers, coffee storage containers, chemex, flavored syrups, and a kitchen scale for weighing coffee.

Coffee consumption improves performance at work

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