Choosing the Best Project Management Software
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Choosing the Best Project Management Software

Are you looking for a tool that allows you to manage your team’s tasks efficiently? It is important to have a tool that will enable the communication of all the project members, which allows for keeping track of the tasks that are part of each project, their delivery deadlines, or the meetings. Correctly assigning all the work that is carried out in each project or idea is undoubtedly the key to optimizing all the resources available, increasing our productivity, and at the same time achieving satisfaction for the work performed.

Three essential tips for choosing a project management system

Team coordination is between delivery dates and planned objectives in the short, medium, or long term. All these elements must be correctly managed and directed in a company to meet each goal, and that satisfaction prevails in each of the channels of the process. The solution, as we say, is found in the project management functions that help us effectively coordinate the available resources. Technology and software play in our favor in this case. Why? Because we always work in real-time, no data is not analyzed or recorded.

Here are the essential tips for opting for a project management system :

1. Do you offer job planning?

This will be a key question we must ask ourselves when choosing the software. We are talking about the tool’s capabilities to plan, manage, organize and coordinate all the tasks and subtasks that make up each project.

If, in addition to this, it allows us to make all the data visible internally, it will be a plus since the information presented visually gains value and helps us make decisions. Even from the employee’s point of view, observing how their tasks and work time are distributed will allow them to plan and remain more calm or confident in the distribution of workloads.

2. Is it easy to use?

If we take it for granted that this tool will have to be available online, we will also take it for granted that it is easy to use, interactive, and decisive. But, of course, this access must have a good storage capacity so that no data is lost and that all the information is shared.

Let’s not forget that in many cases, if we take advantage of the flexibility and smart working, each user will access the interface from different places, so that this aspect will be essential.

3. How many features does it offer?

Each tool that we have to manage our projects stands out for a particular item, but the more functionalities it has to have everything under a single platform, the better. So we will talk about it in the following lines, although it will be vital that we consider issues such as:

    • Does it allow you to track the flexibility of the working day?
    • Does it allow for managing the incidents of days off or of each type of absence?
    • Does it allow you to track profitability and productivity?
    • Does it allow you to manage tasks and subtasks?
    • Does it allow for tracking geolocation?

In this line, we stop to continue in the next point since having reached this point; we will begin to verify what functionalities some tools have, what others do not, and how to balance them to make the final decision.

What aspects should you pay attention to in each program?

Suppose you have wondered what a good project management software should have. In that case, the answer is clear: it must be able to organize the time of the entire work team to obtain favorable reports on productivity and profitability. In addition to that, a project management software tool should help employees organize their time and work in real-time to see their activity.

The price of the tool

Each project management tool has a different cost, for example, depending on the number of employees through annual or monthly plans. In this sense, Understanding eCommerce has plans for ten employees, 20, 30, 99, or more. This scale can vary according to each type of software, so to decide, we must assess the following:

The size of the company

We refer to the number of employees that each entity has. Why? The company’s size is decisive in the choice, since here we find a differentiation, if there are user limits or not, and if the software is only decisive for small companies or SMEs in general. In this case, Sesame is an unlimited user.

Whether or not it complies with the Law

Depending on each country, there may be a current law that regulates the working day. For example, in countries such as the USA, the Labor Day Registration Law contemplates the correct practice of daily registration of the worker’s working day. Therefore, if your company is located in the USA, knowing if the project management tool complies with the regulations will be very important. In our case, Sesame is wholly adapted to the Law.

If you offer trial periods

How can we assess whether project management tools are helpful or not? Only by checking the functions it has and applying them in the daily work of the entire work team without any distinction will we know if it adapts or not to what we are looking for. For example, in Sesame, there are 15 days in which you can enjoy a trial period.

It is multi-device: yes or no?

And when we talk about multi-device, we expect it to be available in its computer, tablet, and mobile version. In addition, we will have to check if it adapts to both iOS and Android in the App Store and Google Play, respectively. 

Reports and integrations

If these two requirements are met, we already have everything we need to choose a good project management software. In Sesame, complete reports are offered that contemplate, for example, the hours registered, the daily signings, and information broken down by department. In addition, it has an API for external integrations. With all this data, you already have the knowledge to choose the one that best suits your needs and the most competitive one.

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Choosing the Best Project Management Software

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