Choose a Better Hosting Plan for Your eCommerce Site

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Your products might be great, and so is your website performance, but are you sure that your choice of hosting platform is not ruining your online store’s success? Often businesses do not pay much attention while selecting the hosting platform for their eCommerce store, and most of the time, they have to pay heavily for this. Every year tons of eCommerce stores go out of business because of inefficient hosting, and thus you need to be more careful not to commit the same mistake.

What is an eCommerce hosting service?

After designing your business’s online store, you would need a hosting service to enable your website to connect to the internet. In other words, you are gaining access to server space from a company to host your online store. While the basic idea is to acquire the permission to use optimized, secured, and unused servers from the service provider, the best eCommerce hosting service comes with a ton of other features. Generally, the best eCommerce hosting plan will come with an installation guide, free SSL encryption, secured payment gateway, etc.

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Why is it important to choose the best eCommerce Hosting Plan?

Even after paying rent to the hosting service provider, if you experience these problems, then it is time to look for a better hosting plan:

  • Customers abandoning your site

If you find customers leaving your site at an alarming rate without even going through your offerings, then your site performance might not be up to the mark. Today, most internet users expect a site to take at most a minute or two to load, and if a site takes longer than that, you know the outcome. Another problem with slow sites is the low ranking of your business page in the search results of Google. If your website faces slow speeds, then Google will find it out with the help of the ‘crawling’ technique, and then it might choose not to include your site in its index. The best eCommerce hosting company should be prepared to handle high traffic without compromising on the loading speed. Furthermore, they can also implement caching techniques to make your web pages load at a lightning-fast rate.

  • Customers would not visit ‘not secured’ sites.

Before visiting certain websites, Google displays a message saying that the site you are willing to visit is ‘not secure.’ These sites are not encrypted with HTTPS, and thus Google notifies users regarding it to keep the users safe. While visiting your site, if your customers see this message, they will lose all your brand confidence. That is why every online business needs to acquire SSL certificates. These are small files that play an important role in encrypting all the data passed between your website’s server and the device you are using. SSL certificates also validate credit card transactions and data transfer, and nowadays, they are even securing browsing of various social media pages. While most businesses think that they will have to chip in more funds to acquire the SSL certificate, you would be able to get a cost-effective deal from a genuine web hosting service provider.

What are the factors you should look for while choosing the best Hosting Service?

It is not always recommended to opt for the most economical plan you find and thus you should look for the following features as well.

  • Security

With the phishing and scamming attacks multiplying every day, customers become more concerned about online shopping. To assure your customers, you should look for hosting plans which offer virus protection, SSL certificates, domain name privacy and fireguard, etc.

  • PCI compliance

When you are running an online business, you deal with truckloads of customers’ confidential information, including their credit card details. Online retailers, therefore, should abide by the PCI DSS standards so that they don’t face any data breaching issues.

  • Optimizing site performance

Catchy images are crucial to garnering user’s attention, and there is no alternative to this. However, high-resolution images and videos often delay the loading time of your site. Therefore, you should opt for a hosting plan which will offer you enough bandwidth to store all the images and videos.

  • Easy backup solutions

You cannot dismiss the idea of unpredictable incidents like your website crashing down or getting vandalized by hackers. Thus it would be best if you are looking for a hosting service that will backup your data on a different server so that you can still access your site afterward.

There is ample website hosting solutions for varying needs and budgets of businesses and thus, spend some time exploring your options. There are various types of eCommerce hosting, including SaaS hosting, on-premise hosting, etc. The wisest idea would be to consider the hosting service provider who will customize their high-quality solutions to cater to your requirements, and the plans are in your budget as well.

Choose a Better Hosting Plan for Your eCommerce Site

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