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Challenges that are Roadblocks to Inbound Marketing

It’s been a decade now companies have shifted to inbound marketing. Thanks to the evolving digital technology. When we talk about Inbound marketing, it is about attracting people towards business and services and increase user base. With the advances in digital technology inbound marketing has become intriguing. But this fierce competition is making the game tough for each business domain.

It is a belief that inbound marketing brings instant results. Assuming that you are attending the social get together for the first time, what will be your first step? Obviously, you will go and meet new people and let them know about your business. This social gathering is a continuous phenomenon of your life. It not only gives you a recognition amongst the like-minded people but also adds a value to it. Marketing is similar to a social gathering, though it takes time to build a reputation amongst your users yet it is effective to your business.  Alas! In the business world no one understands this simple thing and thus, it becomes a big problem for marketing professionals. 

Challenges that are Roadblocks to Inbound Marketing

Here are a few challenges marketing professionals face – 

#1 Results Don’t Show Up Instantly: This is one of the biggest problems marketing professionals are facing. Entrepreneurs need instant outcomes but how is it possible? Marketers cannot commit a deadline to show up the decided outcome. You have to be patient. It’s not a day or week’s activity, you have to be unique and innovative with your ideas and play the game every day.

In the world of marketing, you are not the only one playing the game, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses competing with equal efforts or maybe some more. When you enter the world of inbound marketing, you need to keep this into account that results take time to show up. If you want to reach out to millions of users and earn enormously overnight then sorry to say inbound marketing is not for you.

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#2 Start Marketing Without Any Analysis: Yes, this is what the most of the businesses do. Don’t you think so? Without even analyzing the trends and knowing users’ behavior, you start with your marketing activities that turn out to be vague. Inbound marketing is a wheel of activities that includes content marketing, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and video marketing. Whatever activity you choose to start with, it is crucial to analyze your users and create a powerful strategy.

For instance; While going with content marketing, it is important to know what sort of information your users are looking for. Finding out the topics relevant to the domain and working on it is not easy. On top of it, it won’t help you with instant lead generation. No wonder, content marketing is one of the effective strategies to engage visitors but on a serious note, results come in slowly and gradually. So, it is better to wait and watch out for the results. Start doing marketing activities involving the right people in your team, the efforts will definitely show up the results.

#3 Website Is a Part of Inbound Marketing: There is a famous saying by Paul Cookson, “Website promotes you 24*7: No employee will do it.” Not sure how many of you believe it but yes, it is the fact. Your website is the first place where users visit with due diligence to learn about your company and services. In a way, your website acts as a business card for you.

Having a website is one of the potent strategies of inbound marketing. If your website fails to provide users with the information they are looking for, your inbound marketing fails to generate the targeted outcome. Earlier websites were designed just to show the company’s name online but now the scenario is not the same. Nowadays, your website should be appealing, elegant and at the same time informative. A website without a content is like cooking without a recipe. When you cook following the recipe, it smells and tastes good. The same implies to the website. Websites with informative content engage more users and most importantly increases the level of trust amongst the users which ultimately results in potential lead generation.

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#4 Struggling to Secure Good Budget: Good to know that your marketing ideas are backing you with high-quality leads. However, at the same time, it is important to convert those leads into revenue and secure your budget. According to a report by Hubspot, 28% of the marketers struggle to secure good budget through inbound marketing.

The more you invest the more results will be better. Being into the competition and changes in the users’ demand, marketing professionals need to constantly hone their skills by learning new techniques and technologies along with regularly running marketing campaigns. Doing so not only improves marketing and sales program performance but also increases the revenue. In a way, it helps you in securing the current budget.

#5 Identifying the Right Digital Technology:  After all, it is a marketing world. Here you don’t have any choice but to stay updated with new trends and techniques. Researchers say 26% of the marketing professionals find it difficult to choose the right technology to enhance their marketing. Whether it’s augmented reality, virtual reality, beacon technology or artificial intelligence, it is hard to choose one out of these. Undoubtedly,

These technologies have redefined marketing and are continuously doing so.

For instance; the demand for chatbot is increasing exponentially in various industry sectors including eCommerce, healthcare, medical, accounting, retail, etc. Moreover, it is streamlining the customer service area and helping users in solving their queries 24*7. Augmented and virtual reality, on other hand, are creating wonders especially in video marketing. Helping out marketing professionals to create beautiful stories for their brands and products using 3D effects. You have the technology with you but what you need is the right resource who can bring creative ideas to use these technologies to the table.

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#6 Targeting Content for International Audience: You agree or not but it is a fact that marketing is a tough job. It is not about merely selling or advertising. It is about building a strong connection with the audience. The world is a global economy, therefore, it is not surprising that business organizations are targeting international audiences too. Before starting with any of the content strategies, it is better to analyze the audience first. Once you are clear about what your audience is looking for and in what format, it becomes easy to deliver the content the right way.

With the advances in technology, personalization strategy has made marketing more complicated. A website is the perfect epitome of that. There are a number of websites which now support different languages apart from English helping visitors easily read and understand the content in their own country language. This, in a way, is boosting the engagement rate and allowing businesses to connect with the global audience. Personalisation is one of the effective strategies to target the international audience and it has placed a huge impact on the users. This is not the only strategy there are other strategies as well which you can employ to reach out to the global audience and do business with them.

Wrapping Up

This concludes the 6 major challenges that are coming in the way of inbound marketing. Hope you found this blog useful! Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Would love to hear from you.

Kim Smith is a Content Consultant at GoodFirms, a full-fledged research firm for top digital marketing companies. She’s been journeying through the world of content marketing for more than 4 years. Her experience spans in areas like mobile apps, startups, and social media. Online you can find her on twitter: @contactkim11

Challenges that are Roadblocks to Inbound Marketing

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