Catchy Ad Copies: More than “Buy Now” and “80% Off!”

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When it comes to the copy you use in your advertisements, it is vital to have memorable and catchy slogans and language to help your ads stand apart. 

Catchy ad copy not only helps you to attract more online attention and grow your brand awareness, but it can also help you to target your ideal audience and customers as well. 

This article will cover the benefits of catchy ads and how you can start improving your own advertisements by examining the factors of what made ad copy effective. Plus, we will cover the basics of the StoryBrand Framework and how it can be applied to creating ad copy. 

27 Words that Sum up the Psychology of an Effective Ad Copy

People will do anything for those who

• Encourage their dreams
• Justify their failures
• Allay their fears
• Confirm their suspicions
• And help throw rocks at their enemies

— Blair Warren


4 Real Benefits of Cool Ad Copies

Giving your ad copy a competitive edge by creating catchy slogans and messaging can greatly benefit the ad campaign’s success as a whole.

Here are four real benefits that come from cool ad copies:

Boost in Brand & Product Awareness

A well-planned and executed ad copy campaign can greatly impact the public’s perception of your brand and increase the general awareness of your products and services. 

In this day and age where consumers are making more and more purchasing decisions based on the content they see online, having unique and memorable ad copy that brings positive attention to your brand is an absolute must. 

Higher Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors on your site that completed desired tasks set before them, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. The conversion rate of your advertisements is affected by several factors, the main one of which is the ad copy you choose to use. 

With thoughtful ad copy that considers the target audience and what kinds of statements, sentiments, or keywords would appeal to them, you can significantly increase your conversion rate. 

Attract More Potential Customers

Catchy ad copy will help to boost your brand awareness and online traffic to your website, which ultimately results in attracting more people who will potentially become customers once they have viewed your products or services. 

This is useful for both online businesses and businesses with physical locations, as increased online traffic can also increase foot traffic. 

Increase in CTR

Your click-through rate, or CTR, measures how many clicks your ad received compared to how many impressions it received overall. This is essentially a direct measurement of how effective your ad is at convincing viewers to click on it. Thus, it is a good way to identify which parts of your advertisement strategy may not be working as hoped. 

By improving your ad copy to be catchier and more targeted, you should see an improvement in your CTR as your ads will be better designed for success. 

Features of a Good Ad Copy

So catchy ad copy is clearly beneficial, but what exactly constitutes “good ad copy”? Here are four factors that can be found in the most effective ad copy:


A good ad will earn a click in the short term and plant a memorable seed that the visitor will be reminded of later on. Memorizable ad copy ensures your ads stick in a viewer’s mind to be recalled when that person may come in need of your products or services. 

Catching the Reader’s Attention

An ad is essentially a concise narrative story that presents a problem and a solution to the reader – and like any good story, the ad needs a hook that grabs the reader’s attention. Good ad copy should captivate an audience’s attention with only a limited amount of words. 


Good ad copy will be able to provide value to the reader that compels them to click. Educational content and highlighting what your brand can teach to a reader is an excellent way to gather more clicks. 


A suggestive copy can be direct or indirect but will always appeal to the customer’s desire to purchase by provoking action. 

6 Types of Ad Copies: 

There are several different types and formats of ad copy that can be used for different purposes. Here are 6 types of ad copy to consider using in your next ad campaign:

  • Human Interest: Ad copy that appeals to a customer’s emotions and senses
  • Educational: Ad copy that aims to inform or educate its readers
  • Reason Why: Ad copy that provides credentials, such as testimonials and guarantees, to showcase the reason why a customer should purchase a particular product or service
  • Institutional: Ad copy that focuses more on an organization or company than a specific product or service
  • Suggestive: Ad copy that either directly or indirectly provokes a customer to take action
  • Expository: Ad copy that is straightforward and showcases facts

Boosting Ad Copies with StoryBrand Framework 

Origins of StoryBrand

Donald Miller created the StoryBrand Framework to clarify your messaging by shifting the focus onto your own customers. 

After studying many classic films and Hollywood Blockbuster, Donald Miller crafted the StoryBrand Framework to mimic the story arc that many great films follow, placing the customer in the role of the protagonist or hero. 

7-part Framework of StoryBrand

There are seven key components to the StoryBrand Framework. They are as follows:

  1. Make your customer the hero of the story.
  2. Define your hero’s specific problems.
  3. Play the role of the guide that leads the hero towards the solution.
  4. Create a clear plan of action for the hero to follow.
  5. Include a clear call to action that inspires the hero to take the desired action.
  6. Discuss the potential for failure if the hero does not follow your guidance.
  7. Finish the story with an image of success – this creates the ultimate goal your hero is working towards.

StoryBrand’s Clear Messaging Supporting Catchy Ads 

By following and implementing the StoryBrand Framework in your ad copy, you guide your readers much more clearly and effectively towards the desired action you would like them to take – in this case, clicking on your ad!

Final Thoughts

A catchy ad can really make a difference when you are working to grow your audience online and increase your sales. To make your ad copy catchier, it is crucial to consider all that we have covered.

Here are the key takeaways for creating catchy ad copy:

  • Create memorable slogans and sayings to include in your ads
  • Examine your audience to determine what will catch their attention
  • Provide value, such as education, through the content of your ads
  • Be suggestive in your wording to provoke action from readers

Don’t forget to utilize the StoryBrand Framework when crafting your new and improved ads! Following the principles of StoryBrand will help you narrow in on your ideal customers and appeal to them with greater success. 

About the Author

I am Moses Mehraban, a StoryBrand Certified Guide by Creativeo. During 15+ years of marketing experience, I have provided my help to clients from various industries, including tech start-ups to medium-sized companies. Through my professional experience and skills, I have implemented the StoryBrand Marketing Framework and assist companies with experience-based solutions.

Catchy Ad Copies: More than “Buy Now” and “80% Off!”

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