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CannaList Conversations with Gavin Kogan

We had a chance to chat with Gavin Kogan – attorney and startup cannabis advisor.

Over the past 15 years, he has been advising, founding, building, and running cannabis enterprises in California. As a veteran cannabis business lawyer and then serial cannabis business founder, executive, and board member, he brings exceptional expertise, experience, and perspective to bear on his colleague’s challenges.

He helps cannabis leaders plan and execute successful capital raises and expansions toward stable growth.

How he works

My Capital Plan process is designed to give cannabis business leaders structured guidance to decisively lead cannabis enterprises through the capital raise process, out of jeopardy and towards stability. It works as well for start-ups as it does for enterprises with 10 to 500 employees.

With my Capital Plan process, you will:

  • Develop & Communicate a decisive pivot plan that builds confidence
  • Implement a creditor triage plan that contains creditor liabilities & taxes
  • Retool operational functions to optimize, and
  • Launch a capital raise positioning strategy

Our industry is in a period of distress, where leaders are forged by being ruthless with the truth, not hanging the company’s survival on a series of “hail mary’s” that fail to materialize. Using my Capital Plan process, industry leaders develop and implement a structured approach that attracts capital investment for stability and growth.

I truly enjoy the opportunity to share my learning, experiences, humor, and advice with the next generation of cannabis industry pioneers. Let’s talk through what you are facing and how my Capital Plan process can get you to the safer shore.

CannaList Conversations with Gavin Kogan

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