Cannabis eCommerce: 5 Tips for Creating an Online Ordering System

Online ordering creates more revenue for dispensaries while providing a better customer experience. It also allows you to make sales 24/7. Here are five tips to setting up dispensary online ordering:

1. Make it easy for customers to find your dispensary’s menu and products.

Your dispensary’s website should be easy to navigate with a clear menu bar. The menu should list all of the products that your dispensary offers, as well as their prices. Customers should also filter products by price, potency, and other factors.

2. Use an online order form that is customized for your dispensary.

Ensure that your dispensary’s online order form is easy to use and understand. The form should include all the information that the customer needs to purchase, such as the products they are interested in, their contact information, payment info, and your location.

3. Offer a variety of options and communication processes

Ecommerce is so popular because of the convenience of adding to cart, entering payment and delivery info, and waiting for the package. Unfortunately, dispensaries can’t offer the full eCommerce experience YET. You can notify customers of the cost and update them on the status of their order via SMS.

Have a variety of payment options ready, including:

    • Cash- Cash is still the most common payment method for retail dispensaries. Just make it loud and clear to the customer they will be paying in cash. Having an ATM Handy also helps.
    • Point of banking- Some dispensaries (depending on the technology and marijuana credit card processor they use) can accept bank cards.
    • Cryptocurrency is gaining traction because it allows people to make secure purchases and does not involve banks. However, with that being said, they are volatile and lack regulation, so there is a lot of risks involved.

Communication processes:

One challenge is maintaining effective communication throughout the order fulfillment process.

    • Text message: dispensary sends a text message to customers notifying them of the exact cost of the product, ETA, and when their order is ready for pickup.
    • This can be automated with certain ordering and SMS platforms.

4. Use HIGH quality and Accurate imagery.

Make sure that your dispensary uses high-quality product images on its website. This will help customers to understand better the products that your dispensary offers. When shopping online, we don’t have the chance to see, touch, or smell your products. Also, make sure to represent what people are getting, like size, packaging, and other items that come with the product. Outdated, fuzzy, or generic photos can make for an unpleasant experience.

5. Provide excellent customer service.

Make sure that your dispensary provides excellent customer service. This means responding to customer inquiries quickly and resolving any issues they may have. In addition, offering online ordering will make it easier for customers to purchase products from your dispensary. Still, it is important to make sure that they have a positive experience and an option to leave a positive review and collect and resolve negative feedback when possible.

Do you offer online ordering?

Whether you offer in-store pickup, curbside, or a mix of the three, you need to be visible online and keep up with modern eCommerce trends to thrive and grow in 2022.

Cannabis eCommerce: 5 Tips for Creating an Online Ordering System