Cannabis Concentrates – How To Have A Great First Experience

Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or only a newbie, you will be fascinated with the idea of trying a concentrate. The highly potent form isolates the active ingredients from plant matter, so you can well imagine the kind of hit it can deliver. The popularity of concentrates is also fueled by the sheer variety you can explore, from hash to butter, shatter, oil, wax, and crumble.

You can smoke, vape, or dab, and the best part is that you get more with less. Even as there is so much that makes dabbing an attractive proposition, it is easy to feel apprehensive as a first-timer because you can expect an intense high. Let us share some facts to help you set realistic expectations for your first experience and make it a great one.

Buy only quality concentrates from a credible dispensary.

Concentrates are a relatively newer form of cannabis, so you will probably know less about these products even as an experienced user. The best way to have a great experience with any product is by prioritizing quality. High quality ensures purity, potency, and safety, and you also get value for money. Before you jump on the bandwagon, choose a dispensary you can trust for offering top-notch quality. It is better to look for one that sells lab-tested products because you can start using one without second thoughts.

Gear up before you begin

While concentrate potency is one reason to worry for entry-level users, the technique is also a factor to consider. Vaping and dabbing are the best options when it comes to the methods of consuming concentrates. You will probably need the right gear before you begin, so have something handy and easy to use to ensure that the learning curve isn’t challenging. You can explore some options and shop here to get started. Look for a device that does not require much effort to load and use. Also, ensure that you buy one with temperature settings so that you can tailor the experience according to your preference. You can gradually move to complex gear once you master the skill.

Start low and slow

Since high potency will be your biggest concern when concentrating for the first time, the best advice is to start low and slow. Newbies need to be extra conscious about the dosage, more so with high-intensity concentrates. The rule applies even to regular users who are comfortable with optimal doses with other forms of consumption. Dab a small quantity first and wait for the full impact before taking more. This way, you will have better control over the experience. Also, pick a strain you are comfortable with if you want to steer clear of surprises.

Your first experience with a cannabis concentrate can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared well enough. Conversely, good preparation and realistic expectations give you better control, and you can make it the safest and most enjoyable. Follow these tips, and you are all set for a good one!

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates – How  To Have A Great First Experience

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