Can the Cloud Unlock the Future of Your Business?
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Can the Cloud Unlock the Future of Your Business?

Think back to as recently as the start of 2020, and the chances are you wouldn’t have foreseen such drastic changes ahead. COVID-19 presented unprecedented challenges to businesses and individuals alike, yet in some cases, it also acted as a catalyst for companies to step into the future.

You may notice the innovation that’s taken place in the background, transforming the way we live, work and even communicate. All of which can link back to the increased adoption of technology – and the Cloud.

Offering greater efficiencies, reduction of monthly costs, and increased productivity are just some benefits of migrating to the Cloud, highlighting why organizations are leaping, yet some remain hesitant.

Increased Cloud Adoption

For many organizations, COVID-19 acted as a much-needed wake-up call. The ‘business as usual, 9-5 approach of sitting at a desk five days a week was replaced by Zoom calls, remote collaboration, and the emergence of buzzwords, such as digital transformation.

Now, businesses can no longer afford to neglect their investment in technology. The global work-from-home mandates saw companies scramble to stay afloat and reconsider their technical infrastructure. Forward-thinking companies saw the pandemic as a means of moving operations away from an on-premise set-up to a Cloud-based infrastructure.

According to a survey by McKinsey, COVID-19 sped the adoption of digital technologies up by several years – and these changes could be here for the long haul.

Regardless of why transformation accelerated – such as offering employees the chance to work remotely, for other operational reasons, or as a means of embracing digital transformation, companies have found ways of adapting to the rigors presented by the pandemic.

While organizations evolved their infrastructure and operations – one trend has steadily gained momentum and shows no sign of slowing down. That trend is Cloud migrations.

Should you make the switch?

For many organizations, the Cloud could help unlock the future of your business, leading to questions over whether you should make the switch.

The Cloud has become an indispensable tool for enterprises. It can accelerate a digital transformation journey, provide resilience against disruption – and even speed up time-to-market.

Despite some organizations remaining reluctant to adapt, the sentiment isn’t shared by all. As per Cloud Computing News, “As many as 81% of organizations voiced that COVID-19 had accelerated their cloud timelines and plans.

“Across these companies, there was a 200% jump in organizations planning to move more than 75% of their apps/workloads to the Cloud, with 86% of companies placing cloud options in their decision process for new applications and more than 40% choosing the Cloud as their first option.”

While many companies have undertaken changes alone, doing so with the help of a digital transformation company can prove even more rewarding.

The Benefits of the Cloud

The Cloud has been at the heart of digital transformation strategies for many companies, but what does it offer organizations?

AWS describes the Cloud as the “new normal for companies of every size, as they realize the benefits of the Cloud. For most organizations, the question isn’t ‘if’ anymore; it’s ‘how fast can we move?’ and ‘what are we moving first?'”

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic forced us all into new work methods. As a result, most businesses had to rejig how they operated, which led to an acceleration in digital transformation plans. Some estimate this to be by as much as six years.

The Cloud can add an extra dimension to an organization’s infrastructure and is a surefire way to future-proof operations. Benefits of it can include:

  • Increased agility and speed of innovation
  • Boosting staff productivity
  • A reduction in downtime
  • Improved security
  • A reduction in IT costs

Studies show that to thrive in an evolving business landscape and gain business agility, enterprises will need to modernize more than half of their existing applications by 2022.

But, to realize the benefits properly, an organization shouldn’t attempt to go alone. Doing so can come with considerably more effort, time and cost involved. But, equally, it opens the door to errors occurring in the set-up, which can open the door to more costs – or even security vulnerabilities.

Instead, organizations should turn to a Cloud managed services partner who can work with you to unlock the real benefits of migrating to the Cloud.

OOptimizingyour Cloud environment

Moving operations away from an on-site server into the Cloud can sound daunting – and costly. But when done well, it can free up IT resources, reduce complexities, and offer an environment built with you in mind.

Partnering with a Cloud-managed services partner can not only make migrations easier – but it can also make the ongoing work within the environment better too.

With countless Cloud partners available, choosing the right one can offer access to an intimate understanding of an organization’s needs.

eWeek listed the five benefits of working with a partner

  • Optimize your spending and gain more flexibility
  • Your partner takes care of your Cloud environment, reducing the load on your staff and resources
  • Enhanced cyber security
  • 24/7 support adjusted to your needs
  • The potential to expand with experts on hand to guide you on your way

With access to the benefits listed earlier, plus the benefits of a dedicated Cloud managed services partner, it’s clear why organizations are turning to companies to help them get ahead of their competition.

Final Thoughts

As the world continues to embrace the switch to becoming more digital, the demand for Cloud Managed Services will continue to grow.

By partnering with a digital transformation company, businesses can tap into a host of managed services for their public or hybrid clouds, assisting with applications, infrastructure, and endpoint devices.

Regardless of if you’re only starting your journey into the Cloud – or are looking for ways to optimize your existing infrastructure – you no longer need to go alone.

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