Can a digital marketer work from home?

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Can a digital marketer work from home?


Careers in digital marketing offer multiple advantages. Digital marketers have a growing number of job openings, many potential employers, good compensation, and the possibility to be their bosses. More importantly, you can work from home and find clients globally to increase your earning potential. In this article, we have collected a list of the most popular jobs in online marketing and helpful recommendations for marketers who work remotely.

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Top remote digital marketing jobs

Copywriting & Content marketing

Content marketers create digital content for the target audience to promote the brand. This includes content for the company’s social media, websites, emails, and other communication channels. Content marketing involves creating and distributing not only text but also multimedia content. Copywriters specialize in writing text for landing pages, blog posts, PR articles, and email newsletters. They must deeply understand the target audience’s needs to connect with them and successfully promote the company.

Social media marketing

Social media target audience’s needs, Instagram, Twitter, and successfully promote the company’s brand awareness and subscribers’ engagement. This role has a low entry barrier, although it’s necessary to understand how each platform functions, how to attract the subscribers organically, and where to launch a cost-effective advertising campaign. SMM managers also interact with the audience and share helpful information as well as entertaining content.

Search engine marketing

SEO professionals are responsible for increasing the website’s rankings in search engine results. They use various strategies: add high-value keywords and internal links, and improve the page relevance for a certain search query. SEO aims to raise the website to the top of Google, Yahoo, or other search engines to increase the number of website visitors, brand awareness, and sales.

PPC marketing

PPC marketers launch pay-per-click advertising campaigns and implement advertising strategies. They create ads and evaluate the success of the entire campaign. This role requires knowledge of search engines’ algorithms, SEO trends, and keyword research skills. HTML and JavaScript knowledge and strong analytical skills are also essential.

How to work from home effectively?

It can be challenging to stay organized and productive when you work from home. These tips will help you stay on top of everything.

Working on the couch or at the dining table is not when you work from home the best idea is when you need to work productively for 8-10 hours a day. Instead, consider setting up a home office with a comfortable chair, a big computer screen, and other details you need to focus on. A dedicated workplace will set the right mood, and you’ll find it easier to set the boundaries between work and time off.

Write a schedule for your working days.

You will likely procrastinate without a detailed schedule if you have flexible working hours. So, create to-do lists, set tasks with deadlines, and plan your workload for each day. Plan breaks as well – short breaks time after time will help you stay concentrated and refresh your brain.

Separate work and personal life

When you work from home, the boundaries between work and life often blur, and you can find yourself working late in the evening or on weekends. Set working hours, and once your working day is over, avoid responding to emails, checking analytics, and completing other work-related tasks. Having enough time to sleep and do other activities will help your productivity at work.

Maintain your daily routine

Prepare for the working day as if you were going to the office: shower, dress up and have a good breakfast. Set up a Google account for work and switch up to it. These simple steps will signal your brain to keep organized and focused.

Take breaks to walk or exercise.

Staying at home the entire day can affect your physical and mental health. Instead, take breaks every 2-3 hours to walk outside or exercise. Choose the physical activity you like, as staying active positively affects your health and reduces stress.

As you see, there are many digital marketing careers that you can pursue remotely. However, to stay productive and grow professionally, create a comfortable working environment and schedule, and you’ll enjoy all benefits of remote work while living a balanced life.

Can a digital marketer work from home?