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Why You Should Add Call to Actions to your Blog Post to Boost Sales

Blog writing services are a vital marketing element for raising your business visibility and client conversion. Market surveys show that clients tend to read at least three to five blog posts before they are convinced about buying from a business.

Online services that regularly post useful content can build credibility and trust with their users. As the saying goes, you must give it before you received it. Give your visitors knowledge about products and services in the market, and they are more likely to buy from you.

Blog posts are also great for selling products through in-blog buttons and links. These are Calls to Action (CTA) that market products at the right time when readers are convinced about buying. Let’s look at some of the benefits of CTAs and the creative ways blog writers use them in their content.

Importance of CTAs

No matter how popular your website is, more than 70% of your visitors come through search engines. These people are looking for information. Generally, these visitors may be interested in what you sell, but they are not ready to speak to you or buy your products or services.

In most cases, your blog readers will be content consumers searching for information on how to get products and services that solve their problems.

A CTA nestled within your content and one at the end of the blog can be a great way to get further interaction from these visitors. The CTA takes readers to a new page to obtain additional information or see a list of products and services that your blog is all about.

It is a subtle marketing tactic that is quite different from in-your-face advertising. It doesn’t force people to buy your products or services out of the blue. But correct placement does make it more likely that readers will convert into paying customers.

Online research shows that professional blog writers who use visible CTAs in their blogs could increase their conversion rates by up to 60%. On average, most businesses saw an increase of 20% – 35% in sales with a mix of CTA buttons and links.

If you are looking to use professional blog writing services for boosting your sales, make sure that you have at least two CTA used in the blog, one in the middle and one at the end, for optimum results.

Emails require a single but large CTA at the end. An email with a CTA can increase the click rate by up to 371%.

Types of CTAs and Where to Use Them

CTAs come in different shapes and types of interactions. You can use a CTA as a popup window that shows as soon as a visitor lands on your page or set it up to show when the readers scroll down to a certain level on the page.

You can also set up CTA on the page that remains on the screen as a small window and doesn’t impede reading. This CTA scrolls down as the reader goes down the page.

Other types of common CTA include the following.

  • “Read More” – a clickable link/button that takes to more articles or service pages.
  • “Try it Now” – a clickable link/button that takes users to the order page.
  • Buy buttons / “Add to cart” – adds products to a cart that can be checked out through a cart button at the top of each page.
  • Help / “Online Chat” – this opens up a real-time chat window where your sales team can provide information to the client.
  • Information-gathering forms – for getting contact details without forcing sales.
  • Social media share buttons/widgets – a way for readers to connect with your business outside your website
  • Subscription signups – used to get email addresses for future subscription and product marketing media.

Blog writers have become quite creative about using CTAs on their websites and blogs. Here are some of the places where you can place CTAs on your content without annoying readers.

  • Persistent headers – like a Hello Bar that shows up on every blog
  • Popups and slide-ins – can be annoying, but there is no chance that your readers will miss them.
  • Side panels – a great way to remind readers about your products and services while they browse
  • Purchase pages – a single page that lists all your products and services that every CTA directs on blog pages
  • End of page, article, post – a must for all blogs and content on your website

CTAs can be used just about anywhere on your website. We recommend using different styles of CTAs that help your business get more conversions. Smart blog writers use at least two in-text CTAs with additional popups, side panels, and top bars.

Don’t be shy about the use of CTAs. If you are getting consistent traffic to your website but not enough sales, then CTAs are the first thing that you should look into for improvement.

Putting it All Together

There are many examples of blog writers that managed to create the most insightful blog or entertaining content on their website. Their blogs were an instant hit with readers and gained thousands of readers.

However, these writers were unable to convert these readers into paying customers. They eventually bowed out of blog writing because you need to put food on the table. Your times spent on blogging should give a return.

Even a business that hires professional blog writing services does so to convert visitors into paying customers.

CTAs are the critical components of your blogs and website. They tell your customer what you want them to do to keep your blogs going. Whether you are a business selling products and services or a professional blogger selling merchandise, be sure to tell your clients what you sell through a CTA.

Do you think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below!

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Call to Actions Boost Sales

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