Call Centers can be Beacons for Customer Service Excellence

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A call center is akin to the heartbeat of your company. It’s where your customers may come face to face with the first time of a person that represents your brand and its values. As such, it’s an experience that can go frightfully wrong, or wonderfully right. Even if a customer calls in angry and ready to unload on your customer service rep, turning that situation around can do wonders to remedy experiences that didn’t go well.

But how do you measure how customer call centers are doing? That’s a necessary and important exercise, but those measurement metrics can be difficult to come by. Of course, there are the old-school parameters, driven by whether the first experience is robotic or human. For the former, there are questions to ask such as was the customer greeted and thanked. What else should you consider when measuring customer call centers? This graphic explains it.


Call Centers can be Beacons of Customer Service Excellence

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Improving the Customer Experience with Service Cloud

What is a Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is the world’s #1 customer service software and support application that empowers companies to deliver world-class customer service. Across every channel — whether it’s email, phone, chat, messaging, self-service, IoT or in-person — Service Cloud enables companies to put the customer at the heart of every service moment and deliver personalized experiences.
Keep up with your support requests, whether you have hundreds of customers or hundreds of thousands
Get off shared inbox, provide answers faster, deliver smarter service in any channel, with the world’s #1 customer support solution – no matter the size of your business.
Skill Up Your Customer Service Team
Build strong customer support teams that deliver a personalized and consistent customer experience.
Optimize Tools for Agent Productivity and CSAT
Maximize technology to empower your employees and customers find answers faster.
Maximize Support Team Efficiency
Drive productivity and measure key KPIs for customer service — from small support teams to global call centers.
Use AI to Deliver Personalized Service
Transform the customer experience with AI to anticipate customer needs and make your agents smarter.
Deliver Consistent Service in the Field
Empower your mobile workers and field employees to deliver great customer service.

Call Centers can be Beacons of Customer Service Excellence

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