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Building Leadership Credibility

To exercise leadership efficiently, credibility is one of the most critical success factors. Be it a political leader or an executive leader who is in charge of a company; a leader should set the pace, inspire the subordinates with a clear mission and vision and create something new.
Credibility is not that easy to build as it takes a lot of struggle and hard work. Personal credibility has a massive influence on leadership credibility since it involves how others see you as a leader regarding trust and respect. While it takes a lot of time for a leader to establish credibility, it can also be damaged within seconds.

Many individuals who assume new leadership positions tend to make immediate changes with a view of making an immediate impact. The clash between the manager’s style or approach of getting things done and organizational values might not go well with some of the employees and team members.

Credibility is based on words and action, and so if your subordinates don’t believe in what you do or say, nothing else really matters. The way a leader also communicates to team members and aides plays a vital role in determining their credibility. Face-to-face interactions can help build trust as compared to emails and text messages. Leadership empathy is slowly becoming a tool for building credibility. Empathy helps one understand the effects of your actions and decisions on team members and subordinates by putting yourself in their shoes. This way, your judgments, and efforts are less likely to be questioned by employees.

Most employees will always look up to the leaders and their mannerism and weigh the degree to which they match their expressed values. It is very critical as it attracts loyalty and consistency as compared to leaders are always all talks and no action.

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Building Leadership Credibility

Building Leadership Credibility

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